Maintaining High Standards of Healthcare during COVID-19
Hamad Bin Khalifa University

Excellence Alumni Spotlight: Maintaining High Standards of Healthcare during COVID-19

Umer Javed Mohammad
Graduation Year: 2013, College of Islamic Studies
Position: Financial Analyst, Al Wakra Hospital

How is your current work supporting in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, efforts have been made to limit the risk and contagious nature of COVID-19. Our corporation has implemented several measures to curb the spread, mainly by eliminating or minimizing visits to the hospital. These include “Telemedicine”, which provides patient consultations by telephone. Given that my work is focused on finance and patient payments, I’ve been in contact with top management to gain approval for the exemption of patients who received telephone consultations. We’re also working with Q-Post to deliver medicine to patients and facilitate payment through POS machines. Doing so, limits the need for visits to the pharmacy and helps to contain COVID-19. On a departmental level, protecting my team members without affecting the delivery of medical service has proved challenging.

However, I’ve successfully managed to allocate and rotate staff without impacting services provided.  

What skills and knowledge did you gain at HBKU that have proved essential to your success in your current role?

HBKU taught me how to balance and manage my study and work life. As a result, I’ve become very well organized and highly effective in managing my time. Meeting deadlines, managing stress and emotions, and leading a healthy lifestyle have been part of my life ever since

How is the work you are currently involved in contributing to your personal and professional development?

Since my hospital forms part of Qatar’s first line of defense against COVID-19 I’ve become more committed to my work.  Additionally, I’ve learned to be more sensible in managing risks associated with working in a hospital environment.

What are key outcomes and lessons in dealing with the current pandemic that will go on to advance your industry?

While COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on all of us there are nevertheless important lessons for everyone to learn. Given its leading role in the fight against the pandemic, the national and global importance of the health industry has grown in recent months. With a QAR22.6 billion healthcare budget for 2020, Qatar has better hospital facilities and medical staff than many other countries. Capacity management and the effective utilization of resources are key to the success of the health industry. 

What are your future career ambitions?

I’d like to continue working within the health sector at a higher level dealing with data analysis and planning.


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