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Student Financial Information

Student Financial Information

COVID-19 Notice: Given the current situation, Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) will only accept electronic payments until further notice. 

Communication of Student Billing 

HBKU uses email to communicate with students regarding billing and announcements. It is the student’s responsibility to check email notifications for fees sent by the university. A student’s registration at HBKU holds the student liable to make tuition fee payments by the given deadline each semester. 

Upon receiving the tuition fee notification, students are required to do the following:

  • Review the bill received
  • Submit a request via email if any errors appear on the bill or if the bill is to be directed to a sponsor, which will need to include a submission of sponsorship letters 
  • Pay the requested amount by the due date through the payment methods available

Failure to settle the tuition fees for any given semester will place a financial hold on the student’s record. Financial hold will prevent the student from registering for class, resulting in the student being unable to graduate and requesting transcript or validation letters. 

Graduate Student Tuition

Tuition fees are billed per credit hour registered for. The cost of the credit hour varies by the program. Full-time enrollment is required for fall and spring semesters. Part-time enrollment is to be approved by the respective college department through official university procedures.  

The billing is applied on a per-credit-hour enrollment depending on when the student is admitted. All HBKU colleges are transitioning to this form of billing based on the program and college. The total tuition fees for the entire program remain unchanged for the required credit hours to meet the program graduation requirement.   

Details on tuition fees are provided per academic program on the HBKU website. 

Undergraduate Student Tuition

HBKU offers one undergraduate program in Computer Engineering. The students are billed the HBKU fees per credit hour registered for during the official academic year. HBKU will bill its students for courses taken at the Education City Partner Universities.  

Students who enroll for the summer at an Education City Partner University will pay the host campus tuition rate as cross-registered students. The fees for summer courses come from the host branch campus and are payable at Qatar Foundation. Students in the Computer Engineering program should consult their advisors about summer enrollment requirements. For summer tuition rates and policies, see the branch campus tuition webpage. Failure to pay fees will prevent the transfer of summer courses to the HBKU transcript.   

Tuition Adjustments

Students wishing to withdraw from the semester or university need to discuss the case with the Registrar’s Office and their academic advisor to understand the university’s procedure. Penalty fees are applied if the withdrawal takes place after the add/drop date as per the academic calendar. In accordance with the Academic Policy, the penalty fees are calculated as follows:

  • 25% tuition penalty up to two weeks from add/drop date 
  • 50% tuition penalty more than two weeks to less than four weeks after the add/drop date
  • 75% tuition penalty four weeks to less than eight weeks after the add/drop date 
  • 100% tuition penalty more than eight weeks after the add/drop date


A sponsorship refers to an agreement made with an external entity or party to pay the student’s tuition fees in full or partially due to agreed-upon terms. Students must declare their sponsorships by providing official documentation proving the sponsorship including the duration and the sponsor contact details. Sponsors are then sent the invoices directly by HBKU Finance. If the sponsor fails to pay on time, the financial hold remains. The students are advised to communicate with their sponsor to pay timely.  

HBKU College Scholarships

Tuition waivers or partial scholarships are offered by HBKU colleges on a competitive basis. Award letters are offered before admission and students accepting the awards are required to sign a scholarship agreement.  

Not submitting the signed scholarship agreement to the awarded student’s respective college committee will be considered as a rejection of the offer. The student will consequently be billed for the tuition fees in full.

Further information on college scholarships are available in the Scholarship Policy

Tuition Payment Options

In Person (not available)

The hours of operation are 8 am – 3 pm, Sunday to Thursday. 
Given the current situation, HBKU will only accept electronic payments. The payment options below are currently available for students. 

Electronic Banking

Students can pay online by two different methods.

Online Payment Gateway

Qatar Foundation has launched a new Online Payment Gateway to support students to make online payments. This method allows the payment of tuition and housing fees only and not enrollment fees. The following tutorial video is a helpful step-by-step guide that outlines how to set up an account and complete payments.

The Payment Gateway instructions are as follows:

  1. Check your HBKU email for a username and temporary password to register on the online payment platform.  
  2. Go to and log in. 
  3. The website will prompt a password change. 
  4. As soon as you are logged in, you will be able to view your “Account Summary” through the “Home” tab. 
  5. Your balance due date will be at the top of the page and details can be viewed below.  
  6. Click on the next tab “Account” to see transactions.  
  7. Select the transaction (invoice) to be paid with a tick mark on the left side of the item. 
  8. Click on “Click here to PAY”.  
  9. Enter the payment amount on the next loaded page. 
  10. Enter your bank card details. 
  11. Payment confirmation can be seen from “Any Status” transaction selection.  
  12. Receipts will be visible and accessible for downloading/printing.  

Bank Transfers

The electronic banking method is for students to pay through their banking services available online or through the bank. It is important that the student’s Banner ID is included in the payment extra details so the payment can be traced. The payment transfer should be made to the following account details:


Qatar Foundation

Account Number



QA85 QNBA 0000 0000 0013 0241 7107 4

Swift Code


Branch Address

PO Box 1000, Doha- Qatar

Details to Beneficiary

[Student ID]-TUI


Bank transfers for the College of Islamic Studies can be made to the following account details:


Qatar Foundation

Account Number



QA58 QNBA 0000 0000 0013 0241 7107 5

Swift Code


Branch Address

PO Box 1000, Doha- Qatar

Details to Beneficiary

[Student ID]-TUI


Paying in Installments

Students can plan to pay their fees in installments through the Online Payment Gateway without contacting HBKU Finance. The student will have to ensure that the outstanding fees are completed by the given payment deadline. 

Financial Holds

If the student account has an unpaid balance, a financial hold will be placed on the account. This restricts the student from registering for classes, accessing transcripts or receiving student records. 

Students facing financial holds are required to make their due payments as soon as possible. Financial holds are not cleared automatically and require time for payment validations. Students failing to include the Banner ID, prolongs this process.

Other Student Fees

HBKU students are billed the following fees where applicable.

Enrollment Fees

Enrollment fees are payable one time at the time of application and are non-refundable.

College of Science & Engineering

QAR 350

College of Health & Life Sciences

QAR 350

College of Law

QAR 500

College of Public Policy

QAR 500

College of Humanities & Social Sciences

QAR 500

College of Islamic Studies

QAR 350


Other Fees

Graduation Gown Fee

QAR 1,000

Additional Diploma Fee

QAR 500

Arabic Diploma Fee

QAR 400

Transcript Fee

QAR 20

HBKU Library Book Overdue Fee

QAR 2 per day


Contact HBKU Finance

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact HBKU Finance:

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact your designated focal point: