Interview with Dr. Louay Safi, Professor, CIS

Interview with Dr. Louay Safi, Professor, College of Islamic Studies

31 Oct 2021

HBKU Marks 10 Years of Innovation and Excellence

Interview with Dr. Louay Safi, Professor, College of Islamic Studies

How would you summarize HBKU’s first 10 years?

I visited Qatar three years prior to applying to join HBKU and was impressed by the vibrant culture that is open to new ideas, and the energetic society eager to connect with the larger world and determined to advance education and learning. This first impression, along with an invitation by a colleague to join the recently established College of Islamic Studies (CIS) and contribute to its growth and development, were crucial to my decision to apply. Indeed, the 10 years I have spent at HBKU since I joined the university in 2011 have confirmed my initial impression. 

What/who is the first thing that comes to mind when you think back over the decade? And why?

I find the forward-looking mission of the college and the university, and the commitments and accomplishments of my colleagues quite refreshing. I am very proud to work with members of the faculty that continue to push Islamic studies to a higher ground and combine traditional Islamic learning with modern sciences and advanced methodologies. 

What aspect of your life and work at HBKU has changed the most since you joined?

I find CIS to have a conducive environment to do research focusing on the MENA region, while connecting with issues of global importance. The diversity of the student body, the multidisciplinary approach to teaching and learning, and the size and quality of the student body have brought great satisfaction and have made the last 10 years highly productive and rewarding.