QBRI Joins Hands with QU to Provide Research Analytical Services

QBRI Joins Hands with Qatar University to Provide Research Analytical Services

17 Jan 2021

Agreement covers provision of laboratory services and research support to boost research in Qatar

HBKU’s Qatar Biomedical Research Institute Joins Hands with Qatar University to Provide Research Analytical Services

In line with its commitment to improve and transform healthcare across the country, Qatar Biomedical Research Institute (QBRI) at Hamad Bin Khalifa University’s (HBKU) is collaborating with Qatar University (QU) to help advance its capabilities to conduct high quality and innovative biomedical research in Qatar.

The collaboration will enable QU to utilize QBRI’s core services with the aim of facilitating access to advanced analysis locally, which will help QU conduct more advanced research. As a result, QU will be able to carry out biomedical analysis in Qatar without the need to send samples overseas. In parallel, the partnership will support QU’s graduate students and enable them to access QBRI’s advanced core laboratories, to conduct advanced biomedical research and obtain more analysis options.

The services provided by QBRI core services include but are not limited to genomics, structural biology, flow cytometry, stem cells and proteomics. This collaboration will enhance interaction between researchers from both entities and pave the way for the two entities to cooperate on research projects in the future.  

Dr. Omar El Agnaf, Executive Director, QBRI, said: “In keeping with the wider HBKU community, QBRI is focused on developing partnerships with like-minded organizations. To this end, the affinities between QU and ourselves are apparent. Both institutions are focused on improving the health and well-being of the people of Qatar and the wider region. This necessitates consistent access to cutting-edge research facilities designed specifically for making breakthrough discoveries in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases”. 

“We’re therefore delighted to be providing laboratory services and facilities to QU at such an important time for the nation’s health. Both organizations are confident that we can learn from each other’s core strengths and specialisms and build on our partnership in the years ahead.”

Prof. Egon Toft, Vice President for Medical and Health Sciences and Dean of College of Medicine, Qatar University, commented: “QU is determined to foster its relationship with partners in Qatar. Research is essential to QU Health to nurture new scientific endeavors in the region; furthermore, with the help of HBKU, QU can create ever-evolving synergies that will serve the nation.”

The collaboration comes as part of an agreement recently signed between QBRI and QU.

For more information about QBRI and its centers, please visit www.qbri.org.qa