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CPP Webinar Discusses Challenges in Anthropocene Era

21 Apr 2021

CPP Webinar Discusses Challenges in Anthropocene Era

The College of Public Policy (CPP) held a webinar “Polarization, Populism, and Authoritarianism in the Age of the Anthropocene” on April 5 to continue its ‘Governance in Times of Crises’ webinar series. The panel discussion brought together three eminent scholars and thought leaders to address and identify the fundamental elements for resilient societies in the 21st century.

Organized by CPP’s Program on Governance, Resilience and Sustainability (PROGRESS), the webinar was opened by Dr. Andreas Rechkemmer, professor, and founding director of PROGRESS. Dr. James Bohland, professor, School of Public and International Affairs, Virginia Tech, moderated the exchange between Dr. Michael S. Hogue, Professor of Theology, Ethics, and Philosophy of Religion, Meadville Lombard Theological School, and Dr. Jennifer L. Lawrence, Assistant Professor of Environmental Politics and Policy, Virginia Tech Department of Political Science. 

The discussions considered: What are the root causes of such dangerous current trajectories as polarization, populism, authoritarianism, and illegitimate governance? How far are they correlated with the threats and crises of the Anthropocene (the “age of human-made challenges”)? What are the ways to overcome humanity’s largest quest? It was noted that the Anthropocene calls for united, responsible, and global solutions at the interface of science, society, and public policy.

The “Governance in Times of Crises: A New Social Contract for the 21st Century” webinar series is jointly sponsored and organized by PROGRESS at CPP; the Institute for Society, Culture and Environment (ISCE), Virginia Tech, USA; and Deborah Brosnan & Associates, USA.