CPP and Doha Institute Hold Inaugural Joint Research Seminar

CPP and Doha Institute Hold Inaugural Joint Research Seminar

29 May 2022

CPP and the Doha Institute Hold Inaugural Joint Research Seminar

The College of Public Policy (CPP) jointly inaugurated the First Annual Joint Seminar with the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies’ School of Economics, Administration and Public Policy on May 10. The seminar was a platform for their respective faculty members to share their research on the economic, sociopolitical, and legal implications of public policy in Qatar, across the region, and globally, as well as build their networks, while also deepening public policy connections.

Chairing the joint seminar, Dr. Leslie A. Pal, Dean of CPP, and Dr. Hamid Ali, Dean of Doha Institute, presented the opening remarks. 

During a panel titled “Economics and Social Policy”, Dr. Ozcan Ozturk, Assistant Professor, CPP, spoke on “Soaring Food Prices and the Turkish Economy”. Dr. Logan Cochrane, Associate Professor, and Dr. Hira Amin, Visiting Associate Professor at the College of Islamic Studies, HBKU, addressed “The Development of the Education System in Qatar: Assessing the Intended and Unintended Impacts of Policy Shifts”. Focusing on the post-2010 period, their paper situated the impacts by their intended and unintended outcomes, with the latter often being the driving motivation for subsequent policy evolution. 

At the second panel, “Politics, the Law, and Societal Change”, Dr. Kim Moloney, Assistant Professor, CPP, presented a paper titled “A Partial Justice: International Civil Servants, International Administrative Law, and International Organizations”. She noted how various employment laws, immunities, administrative tribunals, and access to justice concerns may negatively impact international civil servants when compared to domestic administrative systems. Her paper highlighted the accountability concerns as well as opportunities for further administrative research.

Other topics covered by Doha Institute faculty were “The Abyssal Gender and Socio-Economic Gap in the Red Sea Countries’ Climate Policies, Climate Finance, and Scientific Literature”, “The Effects of a Negative Economic Shock on Men Marriage in the West Bank”, and “Political Consensus, Economic Reforms, and Democratic Transitions”.