HBKU’s TTC Delivers Practice-Based Interpreter Training

HBKU’s TTC Delivers Practice-Based Interpreter Training

07 Sep 2022

TTC’s professional development workshop aimed at building in-demand interpreting skills

The training benefitted experienced and aspiring translators in the field.

Designed to develop the skills needed by aspiring interpreters in a globalized world, the Translation and Training Center (TTC) at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) delivered a professional development workshop “Interpreting - Level 1” from August 28-31. 

The workshop enabled participants with proficiency in two or more languages to gain the competencies and knowledge to work as interpreters in different professional settings. Intensive training covered a range of interpreting techniques and modes (simultaneous, consecutive, sight, and liaison). 

As part of the workshop’s guided practice, workshop participants took part in live interpreting exercises using a variety of texts and accents. They were able to develop their interpreting skills and confidence in an interpreting booth, gaining the foundation to develop the advanced skills used by professional interpreters.

TTC is part of the Translation and Interpreting Institute (TII) at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, HBKU. TII’s Mazen Alfarhan, Reviser and Training Coordinator, led the workshop, sharing his extensive experience and knowledge of current professional practice, having interpreted at over 200 events and for several world leaders. 

Commenting after the workshop, Mazen Alfarhan said: “It’s been exciting to work with our enthusiastic participants, who are now on a pathway to apply their skills in real-world, professional settings and identify their preferred specialization or career goals.

“Globalization has created new challenges for communication, increasing the demand for professionals who can help others overcome linguistic barriers. The Translation and Training Center’s efforts are geared towards developing the skills that address translation needs in business and in community contexts, such as courts, hospitals, educational institutions, and government agencies, in Qatar and further afield.”

For more information on upcoming workshops and courses, please visit https://tii.qa/en/community