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Nationalism and National Identity in the Gulf States

27 Jan2020
24 Feb2020
  • 04:00 PM - 06:30 PM
  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Penrose House (LAS building), Education City
Nationalism and National Identity in the Gulf States

The “Nationalism and National Identity in the Gulf States” community course tackles the very relevant contemporary issue of nationalism in the Gulf States.

It aims to explore and examine nationalism and national identity construction in the Gulf States, post-independence, from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Gulf States are fairly young states with a unique history, demographics, and multi-layered identities.

This course will enable students to understand some of the complexities of nationalism and national identity construction in the Gulf and evaluate the progress, gaps, and future directions. 

Through different teaching methods, including the use of videos, blogs, and social media, this interactive course will encourage an innovative learning experience. 

Target Participants

This course is open to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as members of the public. There are no formal pre-requisites for entry into the program.

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The class includes a combination of: 

  • Weekly Lecture by the Instructor on Monday
  • Group Discussions
  • Presentations
  • Blogs, Reflections

Learning Objectives

  1. Be introduced to the main scholarly and theoretical approaches related to nationalism and national identity with key texts and scholarly developments in the literature;
  2. Develop and engage with an in-depth analysis of the multi-layered national identity in the Gulf countries and related identity and nation-building processes over the last decades since their independence;
  3. Develop an understanding of identity politics and tools of national identity creation, such as national identity projects, social media, official national discourse and the role of regional politics in the changing nationalism in the Gulf; and 
  4. Examine the role of demographics, migration, and crisis in a changing Gulf/Khaleeji identity and the changing roles of concepts such as tribalism and national solidarity.


  • Understand the complexity of national identity in the context of the Gulf due to the multi-layered identities and examine efforts towards the construction of homogenous national identities in the Gulf; as well as engage with a gendered concept of citizenship and nation building projects;
  • Examine and analyze the role of the political elite and state in national identity creation as well as the engagement of citizens in the participatory discourse of national identity, the role of globalization, and the demographic imbalance created in the region; and
  • Develop, construct, and formulate intellectual arguments and reflections clearly, concisely, and appropriately within the genre of academic writing and the forum of mutually respectful academic discussions.

About the Instructor:

Zarqa Parvez is a graduate of Georgetown University SFS-Q (BSc International Politics) 
SOAS, London (MSc State, Society and Development)
PhD Durham University-Government and International Affairs

Zarqa is a PhD student at Durham University and her research focus includes: Nationalism, National Identity, Women, State and Society in the Gulf Region. 

Zarqa is currently a lecturer and researcher at the College of Humanities and Sciences at Hamad Bin Khalifa University.

Some of her past research projects include: Women and Status Quo in Saudi Arabia, and others on public policy and identity. She has organized and participated in academic conferences and academic talks, led independent research projects relating to the development of education and youth in Qatar, and is also a contributor to the Middle East Monitor Journal. 

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