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HBKU Student Inspires Religious Discourse with Wide-ranging Audience

08 Jul 2018

HBKU Student Inspires Religious Discourse with Wide-ranging Audience

Living the Islamic values of participating actively in the community, Thabit S. Al-Qahtani – a student of Hamad Bin Khalifa University’s (HBKU) College of Islamic Studies (CIS) – has today emerged as a religious mentor who guides the intellectual, spiritual and moral growth of his fellow women and men. 

This Ramadan, in collaboration with the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, Al-Qahtani gained prominence as a television presenter at Qatar Television, where he hosted the special “Ahsan Al Hadith” daily transmission, and as a radio host for Qatar Radio’s “Kunuz Al Sunna” program. 

Al-Qahtani, a student of CIS’ Master of Arts in Islamic Studies program, launched his professional career in 2017 as an Islamic Studies teacher at the National Service Academy. As part of Qatar’s military service program, the Academy produces national service cadets that have undergone a well-rounded educational program in combat training, specialized military subjects, and other academic disciplines – including classes in history, culture, environment, health, and Islam.

Explaining how the pursuit of his degree in contemporary fiqh – the study of Islamic jurisprudence – fits into his professional life, Al-Qahtani said: “Many of my lectures – and most recently, special Ramadan broadcast transmissions – reflect on the significance of honesty, love and respect in Islam, as well as the importance of non-fanaticism. It is important to realize that tolerance is a vital tool in combating extremism through simple means of humanity and understanding. As such, I hope to be an agent of positive influence within our society.”

“As a teacher, this raises my accountability to impart the tenets of Islam to a young group of students, who stand at the cusp of adulthood and are thus eager to learn about the role of religion within everyday life. I often receive questions about Islam in the context of marriage and marital life, parental relationships, and the fair and judicious interaction with community members.” 

His academic journey at CIS, which is characterized by an emphasis on creativity and delivery, unlocked additional professional opportunities for Al-Qahtani. This year alone, he was able to record approximately 60 radio and television shows; he also delivered a series of lectures across a number of local mosques. 

“To be an effective educator, whether it be in a classroom or on national television or radio, one must grasp the historic and ethical context of Islam. Personally speaking, I was fortunate to have access to CIS’ world-class faculty and research facilities which enabled me to engage in scientific and spiritual discussions and projects that holistically refined my academic skillset and my knowledge of Islam,” Al-Qahtani continued.

Having chosen CIS after a series of stimulating conversations with the college’s faculty, Al-Qahtani’s own career as a faith-driven educator draws motivation from Islamic studies. Graduate life at a vibrant, multi-cultural campus has further shaped his relation to sustainable living within one’s means in addition to the importance of tolerance and respect when dealing with different cultures, teachings and doctrines. 

As HBKU’s first instated college, CIS has a long-standing tradition of educational excellence. The college’s curricular offerings recently expanded to cover different subfields of Islamic studies through five innovative postgraduate degrees: Islam and Global Affairs; Islamic Finance and Economy; Islamic Art, Architecture and Urbanism; Islamic Finance; and Islamic Studies. And as such, Al-Qahtani’s story is shared by a generation of young CIS students, who take advantage of the college’s innovative programs to enhance their employability prospects and professional success within a variety of vocations. Their continuous influx into the local job market further contributes to Qatar’s booming economic ecosystem.

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