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A Decade of Success for HBKU Alumni

16 Aug 2020

Graduates play diverse and leading roles in their local and global communities

A Decade of Success for HBKU Alumni

Since opening its doors 10 years ago, Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) has consistently encouraged its students to explore and develop novel solutions for today’s ever-changing world. In doing so, the University has continuously advocated for innovation in Qatar and further afield, and remains committed to building the bridges that are vital to achieving this goal. Both components of HBKU’s overarching mission are supported by an integrated and cutting-edge teaching and research environment, as well as an enduring spirit of entrepreneurship. 

In keeping with academic institutions around the world, HBKU encourages a mindset of continuous growth and lifelong self-development among its students. In this respect, the University’s vast alumni network are testament to the positive impact its people have had on society over the past decade. HBKU’s 10th anniversary provides the opportunity to highlight some notable alumni success stories, as well as the diverse roles that former students continue to play in their local and global communities. 

Ghoroor Abdelwahed, a College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) graduate, said: “My experience at HBKU extends beyond earning an academic degree. The graduation ceremony presented a gateway towards the achievement of some of my long-term ambitions and dreams. As an HBKU alumna, I have been able to represent my alma mater in local and international conferences and other high-level events. Consequently, I gained wide-ranging experiences in the humanities and human rights fields. I was also selected as an Arab youth peace ambassador at a global conference in Bangkok, held under the auspices of the UN. As part of my educational journey, I completed an internship program with UNESCO. 

The HBKU learning ecosystem was a driver and motivator for me to become an accomplished graduate. The resources we have access to, our faculty advisors and mentors, and the professional opportunities that arise complement the robust academic experience we have always had at HBKU. I remain grateful and indebted to CHSS for all the privileges I was given as a student, and for the trajectory I now see as a graduate.”

Hala Abou El OulaHala Abou El Oula, an alumna of the College of Science and Engineering (CSE), said: “Pablo Picasso once said that all children are born artists; the problem is to remain artists when they grow up. Being an artist is very similar to being an engineer. They both require stretching and experimenting with the limits of our imaginations, expanding our creative capacities, and being ahead of our times. We were all born with inherent strengths, yet we need to recognize these strengths and grow their potential. 

It has been a while since I have realized my passion for science and technology, and my potential to contribute to the scientific community and society at-large. I have always been determined to pursue my dreams and fulfill my desire to be a lifetime researcher, learner, and educator, and I was granted a perfect opportunity to attain a masters’ degree in cybersecurity at HBKU. Fulfilling this dream was difficult for many reasons, but I had strong support from my college, family, and friends and, above all, from Allah. I acquired all the necessary skills, courage, and enthusiasm to continue in the field of cybersecurity as I’m currently working as an Information Security Analyst, and well on my way to becoming a security consultant one day. I wouldn’t have achieved this without the lessons I learned at CSE. They all shaped me, and made me much of who I am today."

Over the past decade, HBKU has admitted hundreds of students into its programs across its six colleges. All have benefited from the unparalleled opportunities for inquiry and discovery that the University provides through its multidisciplinary approach to teaching and learning.