HBKU Attracts Talented Alumni Back to Campus

HBKU Attracts Talented Alumni Back to Campus

26 Jul 2022

HBKU welcomed more than 350 students who were enrolled in this academic year.

As a new academic year begins, Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) has welcomed back several high-achieving alumni to continue their studies. Their paths after graduation have been as diverse as their academic interests and specializations, but their successes reflect the way HBKU shapes its graduates to become leaders making a significant impact in their fields. 

That they have chosen to return as students is a positive indicator of the significant value an HBKU degree offers. World-class faculty, globally-relevant multidisciplinary master’s and doctoral programs, and collaborations with strategic research partners, create a fulfilling academic environment. A holistic university experience also encourages lifelong learning. 

Malak Latrous, returning to pursue her PhD at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS), graduated with a Master of Arts in Audiovisual Translation in 2018. 

“During my time at HBKU, I grew tremendously on both a professional and personal level. In just two years I learned so much from the pioneers of my field. I was able to get the best quality education, resources, and professional opportunities. At graduation, Dr. Joselia Neves presented us with the gift of a swallow, a reminder that we’d always find a home at the Translation and Interpreting Institute and HBKU. So I haven’t just come back to HBKU, I’ve come back home.”

It was her current role as a senior strategic communications consultant in the art, fashion, and museum sector that sparked the topic of her PhD dissertation. “I’ve always been fascinated by translation, and audiovisual translation in particular. As an interdisciplinary field, it opens doors to discover and study multiple fields at once. After graduating, I was offered the opportunity to intern at Al Jazeera English as an assistant producer, working on “reversioning” documentaries and even producing my own, “Senegal’s Sinking Villages.” Shortly after, I was recruited by a leading international public relations firm and I’ve since worked with multiple clients, including the Gates Foundation Middle East and Mo Ibrahim Foundation, supporting their communications strategies, media engagement, and Arabic content,” she says.
Haya Mohammed N M Al-Naemi has found a pathway at HBKU to advance her aspirations as a legal academic. After earning her LLM in International Law and Foreign Affairs in May this year, she immediately decided to pursue a Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD).

“I chose to return to HBKU to develop my research skills. During my studies, I met friendly, helpful professors. I got to know many ambitious and creative students, and we exchanged knowledge and experiences. So I wanted to do my SJD in this same inspiring environment. The most attractive feature of the SJD program at HBKU is that it is the only one of its kind in the Middle East and enables a student to enter academia and become a lecturer.”

Mohammed Muslehuddin Musab, holding a Master of Science in Islamic Finance from the College of Islamic Studies (CIS), has returned to begin a PhD in Islamic Finance and Economy. He says: “The quality of education at HBKU transformed me from being someone with theoretical knowledge of Shari'ah to someone presenting practical solutions in the world of Islamic banking and finance. The enriched experience of the faculty is hard to find in the region and is why HBKU stood out as an option to further my studies in Qatar.”

He also highlights why he chose this particular program: “The interaction between the innate dynamism in the field of economics and finance, synchronized with the flexible nature of Shari'ah and Islam, makes the PhD in Islamic Finance and Economy at HBKU the best option to keep me on track in a vibrant contemporary world. The multicultural environment and diversity of HBKU’s faculty help in broadening our thinking and unleashing our creative potential in a very fair and open learning environment.”
HBKU has welcomed more than 350 new students across 36 multidisciplinary programs to begin the new academic year. A multifaceted, entrepreneurial education will prepare them to pursue their individual aspirations but also address critical challenges facing Qatar, the region, and the world.