CPP and QF Policy Hub Host Global Policy Roundtable

CPP and QF Policy Hub Host Global Policy Roundtable

08 Sep 2022

CPP and QF Policy Hub Hosts Global Policy Roundtable

The College of Public Policy (CPP) and the Qatar Foundation (QF) Policy Hub hosted a “Special Roundtable on Global Public Policy” on September 7. The guest speaker was Dr. Diane Stone, Chair in Global Policy at the School of Transnational Governance, European University Institute, Florence, Italy, and Eminent Visiting Policy Scholar at CPP. 

Dr. Stone presented remarks based on her most current research. Issues covered included the viability of international organizations in a de-globalizing world, transnational expertise, expert policy communities and networks, and research mobilization for policy purposes. 

In addition to global policy making and transnational administration, Dr. Stone has written extensively on think thanks and knowledge mobilization in the policy process. She is the author of “Making Global Policy” (Cambridge, 2019), and co-editor, with CPP’s Dr. Kim Moloney, of “The Oxford Handbook of Global Policy and Transnational Administration”.

Her talk was followed by an open discussion between leading policy and governance experts. Among them were Ms. Houriya Ahmed, Director of the Policy Hub, QF; Ms. Sylvie Maalouf, Programs Manager, QF, Nader Kabbani, Senior Fellow, Director of Research, and Director of the Governance and Development Program with the Middle East Council on Global Affairs; Hanieh Khataee, Director of Institutional Effectiveness at Qatar Foundation, Dr. Seyed Emamian, Governance and Policy Think Tank and Dr. Gonzalo Castro de la Mata, Executive director of Earthna, he guides the center’s mandate of enhancing Qatar’s role within the global sustainability policy ecosystem

HBKU academics featured on the panel are Dr. Andreas Rechkemmer, Senior Professor, CPP; Dr. Leslie Pal, Dean, CPP; Dr. Logan Cochrane, Associate Dean, CPP; and Dr. Steven Wright, Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, College of Humanities and Social Sciences.