HBKU Class of 2022: Amie Hewka, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

HBKU Class of 2022: Amie Hewka, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

16 May 2022

HBKU Class of 2022: Amie Hewka  College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Why did you choose HBKU and this particular degree program?

I chose HBKU because of its mission to shape Qatar’s knowledge economy, and its commitment  to contribute to global research. More specifically, I chose the MA in Women, Society and Development program because it is the only one in the region that explores the relationship between women and society in the Middle East. In addition, the opportunity to learn and be guided by established researchers was a big selling point for me.

How has your time at HBKU influenced your future plans?

My time at HBKU has shaped the way I see women's role in society and the ways in which society plays a role in women's lives. Like the rest of Education City, HBKU is very international, which meant I was able to learn and converse with people from a multitude of backgrounds, enriching my personal and professional life. The faculty members were amazing and I have learned many invaluable skills and drawn from many knowledge sources. In the future, I hope to make valuable contributions to the already rich body of knowledge HBKU researchers possess.

What was the highlight of your time at HBKU?

The multiple research experiences I have been able to partake in, for classes and as a research assistant,has been really valuable and enjoyable, as the professors were accommodating and passionate about educating students to be the best version of themselves.

The skills I developed all contributed to writing my thesis. It was a challenging but enjoyable experience, one which will help me in my future career.