HBKU Class of 2022: Maryiam Jama Ali Osman

HBKU Class of 2022: Maryiam Jama Ali Osman, College of Health and Sciences

16 May 2022

HBKU Class of 2022: Maryiam Jama Ali Osman College of Health and Sciences

Why did you choose HBKU and this particular degree program?

I earned my bachelor's degree in Biomedical Science 11 years ago. Since then, I've worked as a Medical Laboratory Scientist in a diagnostic laboratory. I was eager to continue my education and embark on a biomedical research career, as I was curious about the biological processes of diseases and the search for potential treatments. As a result, I started searching for different programs and colleges that centered on biomedical research at that stage. Also, some of my colleagues, who had graduated from HBKU, encouraged me to apply and seize the opportunity. They were pleased with their own experiences at HBKU, and they mentioned how the university supported them in improving their skills and providing them with the best educational experience. Their testimonies were the main drive for me to apply to HBKU, and I am glad I made the right decision. HBKU became my home, where I received all the support and encouragement to enrich my knowledge and enhance my academic and personal experiences and skills.   

How has your time at HBKU influenced your future plans?

My time at HBKU was expansional and fruitful. I had the pleasure of studying at the College of Health and Life Sciences (CHLS), which provided me with a personal and professional platform for growth and development. I learned a lot from my professors, who are experts in their fields. Because of them, my scientific knowledge and skills have been upgraded. In addition, I genuinely enjoyed the CHLS weekly seminars, where renowned scientists and researchers in different fields gave their talks and discussed their latest discoveries. These seminars added more value to my experience and indeed sparked my interest in biomedical research. I was fortunate to conduct a project that allowed me to upskill myself under the supervision of Dr. Omar Khan, an Assistant Professor at CHLS.  
The wealth of knowledge that I gained from HBKU is incredible. It made me reflect on my potential, strength, and weakness. It also empowered and equipped me with all the necessary tools to pursue my postgraduate studies and to help me transfer the knowledge to our young generation. 

What was the highlight of your time at HBKU?

My experience at HBKU was both rewarding and challenging. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, from virtually attending classes to defending my thesis. Along the way,  many lessons were learned. One of the highlights was combining both virtual and in-person learning experiences. It was a stimulating experience, and I am glad I tried both. Through online learning, I learned how to practice self-discipline, maintain my mental health , become independent, and motivate myself throughout the semesters. I was fortunate that the CHLS faculty assisted me and guided me through these difficult times. In addition, I had the privilege of physically attending my lectures after a year of online classes. It was an enjoyable experience, where I was able to communicate with my professors and learn so much from them, inside and outside the classroom. 

I am grateful for the opportunity I was given. I am incredibly thankful to HBKU, CHLS, and all my professors for assisting me in realizing my dream and equipping me with all the necessary skills to move forward and continue with my next adventure.