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Muammer Koc

Dr. Muammer Koc (PhD)

Sustainable Development
College of Science and Engineering

  • Office locationLAS-C021


Prior to his appointment as a founding professor of sustainability at HBKU in 2014, Professor Koç held professor, director, chair and dean positions at different universities in Turkey and the USA between 2000-2014. He has a PhD degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the Ohio State University (1999) and an Executive MBA degree from the University of Sheffield, UK (2014). He has published 130+ publications in various international journals and conferences; edited three books; organized, chaired, and co-chaired various international conferences, workshops and seminars on design, manufacturing and product development. In addition to his academic and educational activities, he provides consulting services to industry, government and educational institutes for strategic transformation, business optimization, organizational efficiency, lean operations, restructuring and reengineering initiatives. He has taught courses across a range of subjects, including product/process/business innovation and development; medical design and production; energy and efficiency; computer-aided engineering, design and manufacturing; modern manufacturing technologies; manufacturing system design; material forming plasticity; and the mechanical behavior of materials.

Research Interests

His research focuses on sustainability from three main perspectives:

  • Social and organizational efficiency: near-zero waste strategies and optimization, design innovation and entrepreneurship, product development
  • Sustainable energy: renewable/green technology and energy efficiency development by leveraging the multi-scale advanced manufacturing technologies for cost-effective, efficient and robust realization of micro-structured surfaces on large areas. He is particularly interested in 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing and Nano/Micro-manufacturing research that incorporates design, materials, manufacturing, integrated predictive tools, and product validation under actual performance conditions for renewable energy application such as fuel cell, fuel processors, micro-reactors
  • Lightweighting of vehicles and other consumer products by developing novel manufacturing processes that can enable fabrication of complex shapes and features using lightweight materials such as composites, aluminum, magnesium, ultra-high strength steels, and so on
  • Nano/micro-scale engineered surfaces
  • Manufacturing/service/social system modeling
  • Design thinking and innovation, product design and development


Professor and Coordinator

Graduate Programs in Sustainability Division, College of Science and Engineering (CSE), Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU), Education City, Doha, Qatar.

2014 - Present
  • Founding Dean/Director of Graduate Studies and Founding Chair of Industrial Engineering Dept.

    Sehir University, Istanbul, Turkey.

    2010- 2015
  • Director and Associate Professor

    NSF IUCRC Precision Forming (CPF), Mechanical Eng. Dept., Richmond, VA, USA

    2006 - 2011
  • Assistant Research Scientist/Professor

    NSF ERC Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems (RMS), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA.

    2002 - 2006
  • Senior Reserch / Staff Engineer

    Advanced Technology Div., Tower Automotive, Milwaukee, WI, USA.

    1999 - 2001
  • Senior Research / Staff Engineer

    Advanced Technology Div., Tower Automotive, Milwaukee, WI, USA.

    1999 - 2001


Executive MBA

University of Sheffield, UK

  • PhD in Industrial and System Engineering

    The Ohio State University, OH, USA

  • MS in Mechanical Engineering

    The Ohio State University, OH, USA

  • BS in Mechanical Engineering

    Middle East Tech University, Turkey


Selected Publications

  • Effect of Manufacturing Process Sequence on the Corrosion Resistance Characteristics of Coated Metallic Bipolar Plates

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  • Understanding of Interactive Relationship Between Leadership, Organizational Culture And Innovation Capacity - A Case Study On The Higher Education System In Turkey

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  • Development of Human and Social Capital Towards Knowledge Society - A Framework for Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (ESTI) Policies for 21st Century Turkey

    Dissertation, eMBA, Univ. of Sheffield, UK. 2014

  • A quantitative analysis of Turkey’s 2011 elections

    Insight Turkey, 2011, v. 13, n.4, pp. 189-198. DOI: 10.13140/2.1.1066.4640

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