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Richard H. Steinberg

Dr. Richard H. Steinberg (PhD)

Visiting Professor
College of Law

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Richard Steinberg is Professor of Law and Political Science at the University of California, Los Angeles; Visiting Professor of Global Studies at Stanford University; and Counselor to the American Society of International Law.

Dr. Steinberg is a Member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Editor-in-Chief of the award-winning,  served on the Board of Editors of the American Journal of International Law from 2004-2014, and served on the Editorial Board of International Organization from 2003-2012. He has taught law courses at Stanford Law School, the University of California Berkeley (Boalt Hall) School of Law, Sciences Po (Institut d’Etudes Politiques) in France, the University of Coimbra in Portugal, and elsewhere.

Professor Steinberg has written over 40 articles, and edited or co-authored seven books on international law. 

Prior to arriving at UCLA, Professor Steinberg worked as Assistant General Counsel to the United States Trade Representative in Washington, D.C., and later as an associate with Morrison & Foerster in San Francisco. He also served as Project Director at the Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy (BRIE) at UC Berkeley.


Research Interests

Professor Steinberg researches and writes in the areas of international law and international relations, with a focus on international economic law, international business law, international criminal law, and human rights. 


Law Clerk, Baker & McKenzie

San Francisco

  • Legal Research Assistant, Deputy United States Trade Representative


  • Assistant General Counsel, United States Trade Representative

    Washington, D.C.,

  • Associate, Morrison & Foerster,

    San Francisco,

  • Lecturer, Boalt Hall School of Law

    University of California at Berkeley

    1994-95 & 1995-96
  • Project Director, Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy (BRIE)

    University of California at Berkeley,

  • Visiting Professor

    Stanford University,

    2006- Present



Yale University

  • JD

    Stanford Law School

  • PhD

    Stanford University


Selected Publications

  • Richard H. Steinberg, editor, Contemporary Issues Facng the International Criminal Court (Leiden: Brill/Nijhoff).

  • Richard H. Steinberg, editor, Assessing the Legacy of the ICTY (Leiden: Martinus Nijhoff).

  • Judith Goldstein and Richard H. Steinberg,

    International Institutions (Vols. I-IV) (London: Sage).

  • Beth Simmons and Richard H. Steinberg,

    International Law and International Relations (Cambridge University Press).

  • John Barton, Judith Goldstein, Timothy Josling, and Richard H. Steinberg

    The Evolution of the Trade Regime: Politics, Law, and Economics of the GATT/WTO (Princeton University Press, 2006).

  • Richard H. Steinberg, editor, The Greening of Trade Law: International Trade Organizations and Environmental Issues (Boulder: Rowman & Littlefield).

  • Richard H. Steinberg and Bruce Stokes

    Partners or Competitors? The Prospects for U.S.-EU Cooperation on Asian Trade (Boulder: Rowman & Littlefield).

  • Joseph Doherty and Richard H. Steinberg

    “Punishment and Policy in International Criminal Sentencing: An Empirical Study,” __ American Journal of International Law __ .

    January 2016
  • Richard H. Steinberg, “Wanted—Dead or Alive: Realism in International Law,”

    Jeff Dunoff and Mark Pollack, Interdisciplinary Perspectives on International Law and International Relations: The State of the Art (Cambridge University Press, 2013).

  • Richard H. Steinberg, “International Trade Law as a Mechanism for State Transformation,”

    Judith Goldstein and Martha Finnemore, editors, Power in the Contemporary Era (Cambridge University Press, 2013).

  • Richard H. Steinberg, “The Decline of Multilateral Trade Negotiations—and the Rise of Judicial and Preferential Alternatives,”

    V(1) J. Scholarly Perspectives 74-89 (2009).

  • Judith Goldstein and Richard H. Steinberg, "Regulatory Shift: The Rise of Judicial Liberalization at the WTO,"

    Walter Mattli and Ngaire Woods, editors, The Politics of Global Regulation (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2009).

  • Richard H. Steinberg and Jonathan M. Zasloff

    "Power and International Law," A Centennial Essay, 100(1) American Journal of International Law 64-87 (January 2006).

    January 2006
  • Richard H. Steinberg, "Judicial Law-Making at the WTO: Discursive, Constitutional, and Political Constraints,"

    98(2) American Journal of International Law 247 (April 2004)

    April 2004
  • Richard H. Steinberg and Timothy E. Josling

    "When the Peace Ends: The Vulnerability of EC and U.S. Agricultural Subsidies to WTO Legal Challenge," 6(2) Journal of International Economic Law 369-417 (June 2003)

    June 2003
  • Richard H. Steinberg, "In the Shadow of Law or Power? Consensus-Based Bargaining and Outcomes In the GATT/WTO,"

    56(2) International Organization 339-74 (Spring 2002).

  • Richard H. Steinberg, "Trade-Environment Negotiations in the EU, NAFTA, and WTO: Regional Trajectories of Rule Development,"

    91(2) American Journal of International Law 231(April 1997).