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COVID-19: MENA Government Responses to the Crisis

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COVID-19: MENA Government Responses to the Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic challenges every country in the MENA region in an unprecedented, severe way. Governments have a triple mega task to accomplish: protect the population, save the economy, and prevent major social disruption.

To be effective, government responses need to be based on solid data, scientific evidence, and best practices. Learning from the experience of other countries and coordinating efforts is a vital part of tackling the pandemic.

This project provides a policy tracker of government responses (PTGR) to the COVID-19 crisis for 10 countries in the MENA region. It is a unique and precious resource of data on what governments in the region have done to date, to deal with the pandemic. The methodology focuses on three areas of government response: public health, economic, and social policies. The data have been drawn from international organizations, government websites, official documents, trusted media sources, and peer-reviewed publications. The tangible outcome is a tailored dataset along with multiple analytics to advise policymakers and inform decision-making, provide insight on what governments do, and provide a platform for real-time tracking going forward into 2020 and 2021.


Dr. Andreas Rechkemmer, Professor and Project Lead, College of Public Policy (CPP), HBKU 
Dr. Anis Ben Brik, Associate Professor, CPP
Dr. Ozcan Ozturk, Assistant Professor of Economics, CPP
Dr. Leslie Pal, Founding Dean of CPP 
Dr. Omar Albagha, Professor of Genomic and Precision Medicine, CHLS, HBKU

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