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Call for Submission: Student Life Awards 2022

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Hamad Bin Khalifa University’s (HBKU) Student Affairs office has initiated its annual ‘Student Life Awards’ to encourage students to become socially responsible through active involvement in the university’s non-academic activities.

The ‘Student Life Awards’ will be conferred during a banquet recognizing students who have made noteworthy contributions to the university, outside academia.

Nominees will be evaluated by the Student Affairs committee on the basis of their participation and involvement in the university’s informal learning environment – community service, community engagement, student leadership, and competitions (sports and non-sports).

Nominee requirements and award criteria are determined as per the categories below:

Community Service Award

Awarded to an individual or a group for projects that promote volunteerism and have a positive impact on the underprivileged; campus community welfare; the external community; and/or environmental welfare.

  • Participated in the university/community volunteering programs and activities.
  • Promoted a culture of volunteer work.

Community Engagement Award

Awarded to an individual or a group for projects that have a positive impact on campus vibrancy, community bonding, social integration, and/or education outreach.

  • Created a sustainable/innovative impact on the HBKU community.
  • Assumed an active role in the achievement, support, and continuity of the goals of a student club.
  • Contributed to the creation of a teamwork culture within the student body.


Leadership Award

Recognizes students who have demonstrated exemplary and effective leadership capabilities in a team, committee, project, or student organization.

  • Carried out a leadership position during HBKU events or at external events representing HBKU.
  • Presented outstanding leadership skills.


Competition Award

Recognizes an individual or team who has represented HBKU at an international, regional, and/or national level.

  • Participated in an educational competition locally/internationally
  • Won first, second, or third place in the competition


Sports Award

Recognizes a sports team that has demonstrated high performance and achievement in sports-related activities.

  • Participated in one or more of the university’s sports activities 
  • Achieved an outstanding result in a sports competition(s)
  • Committed to sport ethics during training sessions and sport events 


Guidelines and Conditions

Nomination Guidelines

  • The student should fill-in the online nomination application through the link below.
  • The student can nominate him/herself for more than one award category and must provide supporting documentation and/or a reference letter.

General Conditions

  • The nominee must be a current student through the academic year 2021/22.
  • The nominee should not have been subject to disciplinary action (dismissal or warning) during the current academic year.
  • A student who has previously won an award is not eligible to apply again for the same award category.

Submission Deadline: 
28 February 2022   

Winners Announcement: 
28 March 2022

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