International Conference on Sustainable Energy-Water-Environment
International Conference on Sustainable Energy-Water-Environment Nexus in Desert Climate 2021 (IC-SEWEN’21)

International Conference on Sustainable Energy-Water-Environment Nexus in Desert Climate 2021 (IC-SEWEN’21)

Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute (QEERI) is organizing a specialized conference in November 2021 to address the challenges and opportunities in the Energy-Water-Environment (EWE) nexus, in particular the research and technology development requirements for the EWE nexus in harsh desert climates. Over 300 researchers, scientists, engineers, and stakeholders are expected to attend the five-day event, which will be held from November 22-25, 2021. Delegates can attend the in-person sessions at the Minaratein, or log in via online platforms.

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Chair’s Welcome Message

As the Chair of the 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Energy Water and Environment Nexus in Desert Climates (ICSEWEN21), the flagship conference of Qatar Environment & Energy Research Institute (QEERI), it is my pleasure and honor to welcome you to join us on the 22nd – 25th November 2021.

As a signatory to the Paris Agreement, Qatar has put a huge emphasis on research, development and innovation as a pathway to achieving sustainability goals for not just the region, but the globe.  The aim of the conference is to bring together experts involved in research, policy, practice and business related to the EWE nexus, and will be an excellent opportunity to engage in lively discussion and present the latest results. 

ICSEWEN21’s heart is in Doha, Qatar, but embracing the sustainability gains that the global pandemic has driven, participation in the conference will take place live, around the world, at your location – meaning that the travel related carbon footprint typically associated with an international conference is reduced almost to zero. 

Building on the success of ICSEWEN19 , we expect over 500 delegates to join us for the 4 day conference, which will feature not only over 100 top quality scientific oral presentations, but also poster presentations, exhibition space, coffee and networking sessions, workshops and panel discussions. Selected submissions will be invited to have their full manuscript included, with our partner journals , for publication of the conference special issue. 

We invite you to submit your abstract under the below related sub-themes, which aim to cover the full and interdisciplinary span of research over the conference theme of the Sustainable Energy, Water and Environment Nexus. 

I’d like to thank our sponsors, organizing and scientific committees and our esteemed speakers and presenters. I am truly thrilled to be part of a conference which brings together experts from around the world, to share knowledge, and to exchange a wide variety of ideas, technologies, science and solutions.

Dr. Jenny Lawler