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Wouter Hendrickx

Dr. Wouter Hendrickx (PhD)

Adjunct Assistant Professor
College of Health and Life Sciences

  • Office locationOffice C5.322 | Out-Patient Clinic Floor 5 | Sidra Medicine


Dr. Wouter Hendrickx is the principal investigator of the Functional Cancer Omics Laboratory in the cancer department at Sidra Medicine. He has previous experience in stem cell and cancer research at the universities of Brussels, Leuven, and Norwich. He joined Sidra Medicine as a senior postdoctoral fellow and has headed his own lab since 2017. He has 40+ publications in peer-reviewed journals and has an h-index of 20.


Research Interests

  • Cancer Biology
  • Caner Micro-environment
  • Cancer Immunology
  • Cancer immunogenetics
  • Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Pediatric Cancer
  • Open Science


Principal Investigator

Sidra Medicine, PI of the Functional Cancer Omics Lab, Doha, Qatar

Dec 2017 - Present
  • Senior Postdoctoral Fellow

    Cancer Immunotherapy and immunogenetics, Doha, Qatar

    Nov 2014 - Nov 2017
  • Research Associate

    University of East Anglia, Proteases in Breast and pancreatic cancer, Norwich, United Kingdom

    Aug 2012 - Mar 2014
  • Doctoral Candidate Molecular Biology

    University of East Anglia, Selenium and prostate cancer, Norwich, United Kingdom

    Sep 2008 - Sep 2012


MSc in Biomedical Sciences

Free University of Brussels (Belgium)

  • MSc in Bioinformatics

    Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium)

  • PhD in Medicine

    University of East Anglia (UK)

Selected Publications

  • Roelands, Jessica, Wouter Hendrickx, Gabriele Zoppoli, Raghvendra Mall, Mohamad Saad, Kyle Halliwill, Giuseppe Curigliano, et al.

    “Oncogenic States Dictate the Prognostic and Predictive Connotations of Intratumoral Immune Response.” Journal for Immunotherapy of Cancer 8, no. 1 (May 5, 2020). https://doi.org/10.1136/jitc-2020-000617.

  • Rozenblit, Mariya, Wouter Hendrickx, Adriana Heguy, Luis Chiriboga, Cynthia Loomis, Karina Ray, Farbod Darvishian, et al.

    “Transcriptomic Profiles Conducive to Immune-Mediated Tumor Rejection in Human Breast Cancer Skin Metastases Treated with Imiquimod.” Scientific Reports 9, no. 1 (June 12, 2019): 8572. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-019-42784-9.

  • Roelands, Jessica, Peter J. K. Kuppen, Louis Vermeulen, Cristina Maccalli, Julie Decock, Ena Wang, Francesco M. Marincola, Davide Bedognetti, and Wouter Hendrickx.

    “Immunogenomic Classification of Colorectal Cancer and Therapeutic Implications.” International Journal of Molecular Sciences 18, no. 10 (October 24, 2017): 2229. https://doi.org/10.3390/ijms18102229.

  • Hendrickx, Wouter, Ines Simeone, Samreen Anjum, Younes Mokrab, François Bertucci, Pascal Finetti, Giuseppe Curigliano, et al.

    “Identification of Genetic Determinants of Breast Cancer Immune Phenotypes by Integrative Genome-Scale Analysis.” OncoImmunology 0, no. ja (February 6, 2017): 00–00. https://doi.org/10.1080/2162402X.2016.1253654.