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Dr. Houari Boumediene Abdesselem

Dr. Houari Boumediene Abdesselem

Laboratory Manager
Neurological Disorders Research Center
Qatar Biomedical Research Institute

  • Phone+974 55483125


Dr. Houari Abdesselem obtained his BSc degree in Biology from Oran 1 University (Algeria) and Paris-11 University (France). He then attained his Master’s degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology from Louis Pasteur University. In 2005, he moved to Germany for his doctoral studies where he pursued his PhD training in Neuroscience under Prof. Claudia Stuermer supervision at the University of Konstanz. His PhD work focused on the function of myelin associated proteins in vertebrate neuronal regeneration. After completing his PhD in 2009, he conducted postdoctoral trainings at Weill Cornell Medicine-New York and University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, where he investigated the role of neuronal guidance molecules in developing nervous system and neuronal cell death. In 2012, he moved to Qatar to join Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar as a postdoc research fellow to study the function of Sirt1 protein in obesity, and adipocytes senescence. In 2016, Dr. Abdesselem was offered a position of Laboratory Manager at Qatar Biomedical Research Institute (QBRI) to manage the Neurological Disorders Research Center (NDRC), and Prof. Omar El Agnaf’s research group working on alpha-synucleinopathies and Parkinson’s disease. Dr. Abdesselem has successfully established from scratch and managed new NDRC laboratories at HBKU LAS and RDC-2 buildings. He supervised graduate students and has enormously contributed to the success of his research group. In 2019, Dr. Abdesselem has built the new Proteomics core lab facility, and transferred new proteomics technologies to QBRI, such as OLINK, SENGENICS, and SIMOA biomarker technologies. Dr. Abdesselem has proven ability to lead and manage the Proteomics core lab facility that became certified and fully operational since 2020. Besides his notable management performance, his scientific performance records are accentuated by his peer-reviewed papers published in high-impact factor journals.  

Selected Publications

  • Al-Nesf M.A.Y*, Abdesselem HB*, Bensmail I, Ibrahim S, Saeed WAH, Mohammed SSI, Razok A, Alhussain H, Aly RMA Al Maslamani M, Ouararhni K, Khatib M.Y, Ait Hssain A, Omrani A.S, Al-Kaabi S, Al Khal A, Al-Thani A.A, Samsam W, Farooq A, Al-Suwaidi J,

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    Auto-Immunoproteomics Analysis of COVID-19 ICU Patients Revealed Increased Levels of Autoantibodies Related to Male Reproductive System. 2022. https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2022.02.09.479669v1.

  • Hmila I, Vaikath N, Majbour NK, Erskine D, Sudhakaran IP, Gupta V, Ghanem SS, Islam Z, Emara MM, Abdesselem HB, Kolatkar PR, Achappa DK, Vinardell T, El-Agnaf OMA

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  • Smith M*, Abdesselem HB*, Mullins M, Tan TM, Nel AJM, Al-Nesf MAY, Bensmail I, Majbour NK, Vaikath NN, Naik A, Ouararhni K, Mohamed-Ali V, Al-Maadheed M, Schell DT, Baros-Steyl SS, Anuar ND, Ismail NH, Morris PE, Mamat RNR, Rosli NSM, Anwar A, Ellan K,

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  • Majeed Y, Halabi N, Madani AY, Engelke R, Bhagwat AM, Abdesselem H, Agha MV, Vakayil M, Courjaret R, Goswami N, Hamidane HB, Elrayess MA, Rafii A, Graumann J, Schmidt F, Mazloum NA

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  • Madani A, Majeed Y, Abdesselem AB, Agha MV, Vakayil M, Alsukhun NK, Halabi NM, Kumar P, Hayat S, Elrayess MA, Rafii A, Suhre K and Mazloum NA

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  • Gupta G, Salim S, Hmila I, Vaikath N, Sudhakaran I, Ghanem S, Majbour N, Abdulla S, Emara M, Abdesselem H, Lukacsovich T, Erskine D, El-Agnaf OMA

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  • Fayyad M, Erskine D, Majbour NK, Vaikath NN, Ghanem S, Sudhakaran I, Abdesselem H, Lamprokostopoulou A, Vekrellis K, Morris C, El-Agnaf OMA

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  • Fayyad M, Majbour NK, Vaikath NN, Erskine D, El-Tarawneh H, Sudhakaran IP, Abdesselem H, El-Agnaf OMA

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  • Almuraikhy S, Kafienah W, Bashah M, Diboun I, Jaganjac M, Al-Khelaifi F, Abdesselem H, Mazloum NA, Alsayrafi M, Mohamed-Ali V, Elrayess MA

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  • Wehner AB*, Abdesselem H*, Dickendesher TL, Imai F, Yoshida Y, Giger RJ, and Pierchala BA.

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  • Pinzon-Olejua A, Welte C, Abdesselem H, Malaga-Trillo E and Stuermer C. A. O

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  • Bonanomi D, Chivatakarn O, Bai G, Abdesselem H, Lettieri K, Marquardt T, Pierchala BA, Pfaff SL.

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  • Abdesselem H, Shypitsyna A, Solis GP, Bodrikov V, Stuermer CA.

    No Nogo66- and NgR-mediated inhibition of regenerating axons in the zebrafish optic nerve. Journal of Neuroscience. 2009 Dec 9;29(49):15489-98.

  • Biryukova I, Asmar J, Abdesselem H, Heitzler P.

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