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Dr. Mohamed Evren Tok

Dr. Mohamed Evren Tok (PhD)

Associate Dean for Community Engagement
College of Public Policy

  • Phone+974 44542894
  • Office locationC.04.016

Dr. M. Evren Tok is the Associate Professor and Program Coordinator for the MA program in Islam and Global Affairs at the College of Islamic Studies and the Assistant Dean for Innovation and Community Development.

He has extensive experience in building disruptive mechanisms in education and learning in post-graduate studies. He is the founder of the first makerspace in Qatar Foundation, built around the concept of “Green Economies, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship.’

Dr. Tok is also the Lead Project Investigator for a Qatar National Research Priorities Program on ‘Localizing Entrepreneurship Education in Qatar.’ 



Research Interests

  • Global Affairs
  • Religion
  • Entrepreneurship Education
  • Innovation
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Program Coordinator, MA in Islam And Global Affairs


Aug 2018 – Present
  • Associate Professor of Islam And Global Affairs


    Jun 2018 – Present
  • Assistant Professor of Public Policy in Islam


    Jan 2012 – Jun 2018
  • Distinguished Research Associate

    North South Institute, Ottawa

    Feb 2012 – Sep 2017
  • Research Associate

    Carleton Center for Community Innovation, Carleton University, Ottawa

    Sep 2011 – Present
  • Adjunct Professor

    Carleton University, Ottawa

    Sep 2006 – May 2011


Diploma in Global Law and Policy

Institute for Global Law and Policy, Harvard Law School

  • Collaborative PhD in Public Policy and Administration & Political Economy

    Carleton University, Ottawa

  • MA in Political Economy

    Carleton University, Ottawa

  • BA in Economics (Minor in International Political Economy)

    Koç University, Istanbul


Selected Publications


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