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Translation and Interpreting Institute (TII)

Led by a distinguished international team of faculty and staff, TII consists of a Postgraduate Studies and Research Department, a Language Center, and a Professional Services Center. It also organizes a wide range of international and local events throughout the year, many of which are open to the public, in addition to collaborative work with key partners such as the Art Translates Exhibition with Mathaf (pictured). For more on TII, visit

Vision :
TII aims to offer world-class education in translation, interpreting, and foreign languages, contributing to the growth of the knowledge-based economy as a center of education and research, and a service provider and employer.

Mission :
TII provides a comprehensive suite of postgraduate programs in translation and interpreting that prepare qualified graduates for the professional and scholarly worlds. It is committed to advancing research in the various fields of translation studies, and serving the community by providing foreign-language education and offering high-quality translation and interpreting services.