Core Facilities

The Bioinformatics Capabilities provides support for data analysis and interpretation, as well as utilizing software and pipelines to analyze next-generation datasets from DNA and RNA based experiments. For example, interpreting OMIC datasets to identify the candidate genes and elucidate relevant biological pathways.

Bioinformatics Capabilities

The Bioinformatics Capabilities contributes to a wide range of research projects and collaborates closely with the Genomics and Proteomics Cores to provide high quality informatics support to all users.

Resources and Services


  • Whole Exome Sequencing analysis
  • RNA Sequencing and Differential Expression analysis 🢦 Single-Cell Sequencing analysis
  • Custom pipeline development
  • Bioinformatics training


  • HPC: 472-core High-Performance Cluster, made up of:
  • 10 36-core compute nodes with 256GB of memory
  • Two 56-core compute nodes with 1TB of memory
  • 720 TB of InfiniBand-connected file storage
  • 10 Individual 20-core servers with 128GB of memory to carry out pipeline development, testing, and small-scale projects.
  • 400TB of Network Storage

Major Instruments and Services

Major Instruments
  • 472-core High performance cluster with 720 TB of InfiniBand-connected file storage
  • 20-core servers
Major Services
  • Whole exome sequencing analysis
  • RNA sequencing and Differential expression analysis