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About the College of Health and Life Sciences

The College of Health and Life Sciences (CHLS) provides essential educational and research training to future leaders in the fields of biomedical sciences, genomics, precision medicine, and exercise science.

The College embodies a multidisciplinary learning approach to research and discovery and aims to become a dedicated hub of knowledge sharing in the area of health and life sciences. Its programs integrate scientific expertise by combining a seasoned collective of research partners within the university with esteemed external clinical and health science partners.

Students and Alumni: 

CHLS graduates leave HBKU enriched in knowledge of, and experience in, state-of-the-art basic, clinical, and translational research approaches, which are foundational to advances in biomedical and health sciences. Our alumni are equipped to address the pressing needs of the healthcare sector and contribute to fulfilling the Qatar National Vision 2030.

CHLS attracts and trains outstanding students from Qatar and many other countries, all of whom possess the intellect and motivation to pursue scientific discovery within the research laboratories of the college or its research partners.

Graduates typically choose to pursue careers in the following areas: 

  • Academia and education
  • Biomedical Research
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical and biomedical companies
  • Governmental ministries and agencies
  • Exercise physiology targeting precision fitness training
  • Other related areas

Faculty and Research Areas: 

CHLS comprises internationally recognized  faculty members pursuing high-impact research in important, health-related fields. 

Research programs often include disease  models, with an emphasis on the translation  of research outcomes to address clinical  challenges. The creation of multidisciplinary  teams is a major focus, allowing the college  to attract the necessary resources to maintain and build the technologies required to support its research goals.

Transdisciplinary collaborations drive innovation and spur achievement of successful outcomes, aligning the expertise of the wider community  of HBKU colleges and partner institutions.

CHLS faculty

Faculty are involved in the following areas of research:

  • Neuroscience
  • Cardiovascular
  • Rare diseases
  • Cancer biology
  • OMICs (genomics, metabolomics, proteomics)
  • Bioinformatics
  • Molecular and cellular biology
  • Mechanobiology
  • Exercise physiology
  • Epidemiology

CHLS Programs:  

CHLS delivers innovative MS and PhD programs in Biological and Biomedical Sciences and in Genomics and Precision Medicine, along with an MS in Exercise Science program. 

Genomics focuses on personalized medical treatment, while biological and biomedical sciences are foundational to establishing a mechanistic understanding of disease to promote good health. The programs equip students with the knowledge to lead scientific discovery and to advance personalized healthcare, shaping future leaders who are able to address modern health threats and identify potential future challenges. Faculty members of the colleges are energetic and innovative, collaboratively crossing disciplines to provide novel insights on the needs of the health care sector. A vibrant and interactive collection of joint and adjunct faculty enriches the training platform.

Exercise science is directed at developing knowledge on the relationships between participating in exercise and physical activity and human health, toward achieving health benefits that enable individuals to sustain physical and mental health.

The objective of the colleges’ training programs is to attract outstanding students from Qatar, the region, and around the world.

Students have the unique opportunity to pursue an extensive array of research-intensive Master’s and PhD programs:

CHLS is well-positioned to undergo substantial growth, and the university and the college offer unprecedented opportunities for professional enrichment and personal fulfillment.