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Software Engineering

Software Engineering

The Software Engineering team was established in 2018 with the vision of commercializing technologies developed by research groups at QCRI. The team supports researchers to develop their research prototypes into commercially viable products. The team is constantly growing and is handling coding interviews for all candidate engineers at QCRI.

The team adopts the Agile software methodology and ensures that modern software engineering practices are followed to achieve quality products. Current projects include:

  • SAQR: A platform for large-scale social media analysis. Initiated within the team and considered its core project, SAQR employs a modern architecture of microservices and is cloud-native. The long-term vision of SAQR is to establish a platform that can digest, process, and query Twitter-scale firehose data.
  • eHealth Sherpa: A project to develop a lifestyle decision support system. It uses data from wearable devices that record the physical activity of the person wearing the device. The data recorded can be analyzed to find interesting patterns for clinicians to track and educate people suffering from diseases such as obesity, diabetes etc.
  • Rayyan: Inherited from the Data Analytics group, the team is maintaining, scaling, and extending Rayyan to serve hundreds of thousands of users doing research literature screening.