Mechanistic Analysis of Factors Involved in Pancreatic Development and Other Disease Pathways

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This team works primarily on understanding the transcriptional networks determining cell fate, using a variety of biophysical tools, including X-ray crystallography.

The protein and structural biology group (PSB) works in collaboration with stem cell and bioinformatics groups both within and outside of QBRI to enable an integrated view of transcriptional networks. The group uses genomic knowledge to target specific transcription factors (TFs) and studies them in detail to understand the mechanisms used by TFs to make protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions. They are currently analyzing several TFs involved in pluripotency and are working with stem cell groups that are studying pancreatic beta cell differentiation in normal and Type 2 diabetes patients to target TFs with key roles in this process.

The team is also employing its group-specific technology to look at other disease mechanisms.

Latest Publications

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