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QBRI is committed to achieving Qatar National Vision 2030 and advancing the strategic objectives of Qatar’s national health research strategies.

Towards achieving these goals, QBRI aims to establish centers of excellence and translational research programs in three focused health priority areas (Diabetes, Cancer and Neurological Diseases) as identified in the Qatar National Research Strategy.

These centers will enable Qatar to harness the latest advances in science, medicine and technology and recruit the best minds and talents in the world to develop new knowledge and transformative medical advances aimed at improving the quality and effectiveness of healthcare while contributing to advancing science and innovation globally. This will be achieved thorough coordination and building strategic alliances and partnerships with other institutions and stakeholders in Qatar as well as leading scientists and centers of excellence around the world.

QBRI is actively seeking collaborations and strategic partnerships with world-renowned scientists and research institutions to support the development of its program and build scientific capacity while engaging in groundbreaking research at the frontiers of biology, medicine, engineering, biomarkers and drug discovery, translational medicine and personalized healthcare.

More specifically, QBRI is interested in establishing collaborations in the following areas:

  1. Development and application of novel genomic technologies
  2. Innovative prevention and diagnostic strategies in Cancer, Diabetes, and Neurological disorders
  3. Development novel therapeutic strategies for the treatment of Cancer and Diabetes
  4. Early detection and targeted Cancer therapies
  5. Use of iPS cells in disease modeling and therapeutic screening
  6. Personalized Healthcare
  7. Development of novel tools and technologies that promises to address current bottleneck and transform our capabilities to elucidate complex disease mechanisms and develop novel diagnostic tools and therapies
  8. Development of innovative training programs in biomedical and health sciences
  9. Establishing regional and international research consortia to advance biomedical and health research in the MENA region

QBRI is currently engaged in active discussions with several leading US, European and Japanese biomedical institutions to develop joint initiatives aimed at leveraging the latest technologies to address local health challenges in Qatar while pushing the frontiers in the areas of genomic sequencing, single cell analyses and personalize healthcare.