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Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry

This core will provide instrumentation and expertise in quantitative, high-speed and multi-parameter fluorescence analysis as well as single cell analysis and cell sorting.

The Flow Cytometry Core Facility at Qatar Biomedical Research Institute (QBRI) is a key facility within HBKU’s research landscape and is equipped with state-of-the art flow cytometry hardware, software and intellectual capabilities. The Core very actively interacts with all research teams and the other core facilities to address reliable, accurate and innovative solutions in line with HBKU’s focus on cancer research, metabolic disorders and neurological diseases. In that sense, the Flow Cytometry Core serves as a veritable Shared Resource Lab (SRL), providing its instrumentation, infrastructure and knowledge to optimize the scientific output for any flow-related project within HBKU.

The mission of the QBRI Flow Cytometry Core is to offer researchers efficient, reliable and innovative flow cytometry and cell sorting solutions with the highest standards of instrumentation, quality control, biosafety and productivity. This is achieved by providing access to state-of-the-art instrumentation and professional flow cytometry and cell sorting services, and is supported by a highly motivated staff with extensive skills and profound expertise in the field of flow cytometry.

Recently established scientific collaborations include specific research teams at HBKU, such as the Cancer and the Stem Cell Research teams and the Advanced Imaging and the Genomics Cores and aim to develop, evaluate, establish and optimize advanced flow cytometry and single-cell sorting applications.

In addition, the QBRI Flow Cytometry Core started to set up collaborations with partners from industry (e.g. BD, Sedeer) and external researchers from SIDRA (e.g. Deep Phenotyping Facility), Qatar University and other institutions in the Middle East (e.g. members of the Pan-Arab Flow Cytometry working group) with the aim to establish itself at HBKU as a vivid player and innovative flow cytometry hub in Qatar and beyond. As such, the Flow Cytometry Core acts as a reliable partner and consultancy, and plays a crucial role in experimental design, sample preparation, data acquisition and analysis. In addition, it also provides support and guidelines with regards to flow cytometry education, operation of instruments, software workflows and Biosafety to fulfil the mission of a fruitful, collaborative and highly innovative environment for research and development. To that aim, the QBRI Flow Cytometry Core started to establish its education & knowledge transfer channels by organizing and hosting a very successful Flow Cytometry Symposium in May 2017 and has offered several training and laboratory courses for QBRI and HBKU staff and students.

Flow Cytometry

The Flow Core offers a wide panel of services to support, develop and educate flow-related research at QBRI


  • BD Accuri C6 flow cytometer (2 lasers, 6 detectors)
  • BC Gallios flow cytometer (3 lasers, 12 detectors)
  • BD LSR Fortessa X-20 SORP flow cytometer (5 lasers, 20 detectors)
  • Amnis Image Stream MKII imaging flow cytometer (2 lasers, 6 detectors)
  • CellSee CTC Single Cell Analysis System
  • 2 x BD FACSAria SORP cell sorter (5 lasers, 18 detectors)
  • BD FACSJazz cell sorter (3 lasers, 8 detectors, in BSL-2 cabinet)
  • Flow cytometry software analysis (BD FACSDiva, FlowJo, BD Sortware, ModFit LT, …)


  • Advice in sample preparation (reagent selection, protocol design & optimization)
  • Advice and support in multicolor panel design (negative controls, compensation setup, multicolor panels, etc)
  • Multicolor sample acquisition and analysis
  • Single cell analysis and sorting applications
  • Aseptic cell sorting & Biosafety advice
  • Surface phenotyping and intracellular staining
  • Apoptosis, cell cycle analysis, proliferation…
  • Flow Cytometry training and education of researchers and students
  • Support with data analysis and presentation
  • Data management and storage

Cell Analyzers


BD™ LSR Fortessa X-20 Flow Cytometer 
Flow Cytometer
BD Accuri™ C6
BD™ LSR II Flow Cytometer Gallios™ Flow Cytometer BD Accuri™ C6
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Cell Storers


BD FACSAria™ III Sorter
BD FACSJazz Cell Sorter
ImageStreamX Mark II
Cell Analyser
BD FACSAria™ III Sorter MoFlo® Astrios™ Sorter ImageStreamX Mark II
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Single Cell Analyzers


Celsee CTC Analyzer (Celsee Prep 400 and Prep 100)
Single Cell CTC  
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