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About the College of Law

The College of Law (CL) is a world-class provider of legal education with an international reputation for quality and innovation in teaching and research.

Owing to its position at a global crossroads in terms of culture, business and geopolitics, Qatar is at the heart of a region that requires leaders who can manage multi-faceted relationships that span different legal systems and who have a command of a wide range of skills. CL addresses this need by offering training to graduate students from a range of disciplines in the skills needed to understand the diverse legal systems – civil, common, and Sharia – that inform Qatari law and that govern complex events and transactions, both in the region and throughout the globe. The CL Juris Doctor (JD) program is the first graduate law degree program of its kind in the MENA region.

CL has further developed co-curricular programs to increase the visibility of the college to government and corporate leaders, both locally and globally, in order to foster the growth and connectedness of the college as well as provide broad opportunities for students and future graduates. CL students have wide career prospects in Qatar and globally in the public sector, private industry, multinational organizations and academia. The college encourages its students to participate in internship programs with the aim of gaining industry experience and building professional networks.

Susan L. Karamanian


Dr. Susan L. Karamanian

Let me be the first to extend to you a warm welcome to the College of Law of Hamad Bin Khalifa University. I am honored to have joined CL in September 2018 as Dean. In doing so I became part of a distinguished institution with an engaging faculty that teaches law using an innovative, comparative approach, relying on three major legal disciplines-common law, civil law, and Sharia as the backdrop. Our students, all with previous university degrees, learn in English. In the classroom they are taught to question and leave no stone unturned.

In pursuit of excellence, CL extends learning beyond the rigors of the classroom. We host regular conferences and colloquium. Our students participate in internships and moot court competitions. At CL we put a premium on building relationships, which help our students develop as leaders. Through strategic partnerships our students meet leading lawyers and academics while honing their inter-personal skills.

Although we are a new school, having graduated our first class in May 2018, we are full of energy and vision. We expect a lot from members of our community as we stand prepared to help Qatar, the Middle East, and the world address the significant challenges that are before us.

Before closing I’d like to thank Professor Clinton Francis from Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law who served as CL’s First Dean and his Northwestern colleagues, especially Dean Daniel B. Rodriguez and Associate Dean James Speta, who helped launch CL. Their efforts have made it possible for all of us to soar to new heights.

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