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QCRI Symposium to Explore Advances in Machine Learning

24 Mar 2019

Global experts to bridge gap between research and challenges in application

QCRI Symposium to Explore Advances in Machine Learning

Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI), part of Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU), in collaboration with The Boeing Company, is to host the Machine Learning and Data Analytics Symposium (MLDAS) 2019, from April 1 - 2 in Doha. 

The annual event sees researchers, practitioners, students, and industry experts in the fields of machine learning and data mining come together to present recent advances and discuss research questions, to bridge the gap between data analytics research and industry needs on identified problems.

Dr. Ahmed Elmagarmid, Executive Director, QCRI, said: “The annual MLDAS event has become a key highlight on the global calendar for experts in the fast-evolving field of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data mining. This event provides a platform for the exchange of ideas, identification of important and challenging applications, and the discovery of mutual synergies.

“Members of the wider community are invited to attend and benefit from the research being conducted here in Qatar, which is well on its way to becoming a regional hub for advanced data studies.”

The event will consist of presentations by speakers from both industry and academia, and the authors of papers submitted to the symposium. Topics to be discussed will include ‘Using Advertising Data to Model Migration’; ‘Poverty and Digital Gender Gaps’; ‘Towards Verifying Neural Autonomous Systems’; ‘Efficient Machine Learning Approach to Capture Genetic Correlation’; ‘Analyzing GPS Trajectory Data’; and ‘Detecting Phishing Domains using Certificate Transparency’.

Speakers presenting papers on the first day of the symposium will be Ingmar Weber, QCRI; Mashael Al-Sabah, QCRI; Shri Kulkarni, California Institute of Technology; Pascal Poupart, University of Waterloo; Jiangning Song, Monash University; and Deniz Yuret, Koç University.

Other notable participants include Alessio Lomuscio, Imperial College London; Dimitris Gunopoulos, University of Athens; and Halima Bensmail, QCRI, who will deliver presentations on the final day of the event.

MLDAS is co-chaired by Sanjay Chawla, QCRI; Zoi Kaoudi, QCRI; and Dragos Margineantu, Boeing Research and Technology.

For more information about MLDAS 2019, please visit qcai.qcri.org/index.php/events/mldas-2019/

To register to attend, please email