HBKU recently concluded its QAST internship program

QAST Students Embark on Enriching Internship Journey at QBRI and QEERI

25 Mar 2024

Unleashing potential, inspiring innovation, and fostering collaboration for educational transformation

QAST Students

In the interest of merging academic and real-world application, twelve students from Qatar Academy for Science and Technology (QAST) recently embarked on an inspiring internship journey at Hamad Bin Khalifa University's (HBKU) Qatar Biomedical Research Institute (QBRI) and Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute (QEERI). From January 23 to February 27, 2024, they engaged in the exploration of key projects on a weekly basis, contributing to the advancement of their knowledge in sustainable technologies and biomedical advancements.

Under the mentorship of researchers from QEERI’s Environment and Sustainability Center and Energy Center, as well as QBRI’s Neurological Disorders Research Center and Translational Oncology Research Center, the students seamlessly integrated into HBKU’s research landscape, bringing fresh perspectives and unwavering dedication. 

Throughout their internship at QBRI, students gained hands-on laboratory experience , ranging from stem cell research alongside Dr. Abeer Al-Shammari’s team, to exploring the intricacies of tumor immunology under the guidance of Dr. Julie Decock.

At QEERI, students received hands-on training from the Energy Center’s Dr. Dhanup Pillai, Dr. Amir Abdallah, and Dr. Mohammad Anwar covering solar photovoltaic (PV) technologies and testing modules. This was accompanied by a visit to QEERI's outdoor testing facility, which explored different technologies, installation methods, and their suitability for Qatar’s environment. Under the supervision of the Water Center’s Dr. Viktor Kochkodan, students underwent training in preparing and testing ultrafiltration polyethersulphone polymer membranes for water treatment.

Taking place within QF’s ecosystem, the collaboration between QAST, QBRI, and QEERI demonstrates their collective commitment to enhancing Qatar's educational landscape through capacity building and leveraging synergies. In the vast landscape of scientific exploration, the involvement of these students enriches their understanding and knowledge of science. Their passion and broadened perspectives will empower them to evolve from interns into prospective leaders within their respective fields. 

Reem Al-Kaabi, a student who interned at QBRI, commented: "One of the standout moments during my internship was the opportunity to conduct a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test. While I had heard of PCR, particularly in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, I hadn't fully grasped its significance until I was hands-on in the lab. Through this experience, I gained a comprehensive understanding of the PCR test's functionality and its critical role in disease detection. Witnessing its impact firsthand solidified my commitment to pursuing a career in the biomedical sciences." 

Mohammed Ali Al-Mansouri, a QAST secondary school student who interned at QEERI’s PV reliability lab, added: “My internship included opportunities to conduct tests at QEERI’s PV lab and learn about PV systems at the outdoor test facility. I wrapped my time with QEERI up with a presentation on the effects of irradiance and temperature on PV performance, displaying his newfound understanding of the PV field.”

As HBKU bids farewell to this group of aspiring researchers, the university will be watching with great interest the next phase of their professional journeys.