Human Rights in the Gulf Region Roundtable | College of Law

HBKU College of Law Hosts Roundtable on Human Rights in Qatar and the Gulf Region

16 Nov 2023

Participants discussed contemporary issues shaping the MENA region’s evolving human rights landscape

The panel offering perspectives on several issues impacting human rights law in the MENA region.

Qatar’s and the wider Gulf region’s evolving human rights landscape provided the backdrop for a recent roundtable discussion organized by Hamad Bin Khalifa University’s (HBKU) College of Law.

Moderated by Dr. Eleni Polymenopoulou, Associate Professor, College of Law, Human Rights in Qatar and the Gulf Region: Recent Trends and the Way Forward featured a panel of esteemed legal and public policy experts who offered their perspectives on an array of issues that have shaped human rights law within Qatar and its neighbors in recent years.

Some of the topics explored within the context of regional human rights law included the three-and-a-half year long blockade of Qatar, the COVID-19 pandemic, and  proliferation of artificial intelligence across the Middle East and North Africa’s (MENA)  industrial sectors. The roundtable also highlighted the state of activism and national human rights institutions around the region.

The panel featured HBKU’s Dr. Barry Solaiman, Assistant Professor, College of Law, and Andreas Rechkemmer, Professor, College of Public Policy, as well as internationally renowned academics David Keane, Assistant Professor in Law, School of Law and Government, Dublin City University, and Tenia Kyriazi, Professor of Legal Education, School of Law, Middlesex University, Dubai.

“Legal practitioners in the MENA region who work in human rights face an increasingly dynamic landscape shaped by socio-political events that present obstacles and opportunities. The roundtable underlined the College’s commitment to addressing today’s legal challenges with a future-oriented view and an appreciation of the sweeping effect of technological developments,” said Dr. Susan L Karamanian, Dean, College of Law.

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