HBKU’s CLPP to Host 2018 Middle East Environment Law Scholars Conference

HBKU’s College of Law and Public Policy Hosts 2018 Middle East Environment Law Scholars Conference

31 Oct 2018

HBKU’s College of Law and Public Policy to Host 2018 Middle East Environment Law Scholars Conference

Building on its mission to address environmental issues and policies from a legal perspective, Hamad Bin Khalifa University’s (HBKU) College of Law and Public Policy (CLPP) is set to host the 2018 Middle East Environment Law Scholars Conference in Doha. The conference, which will be held from November 4 to 5 under the theme of 'Law – Environment – Middle East: Innovations for a Green Economy,’ comes against a backdrop of a series of events previously hosted by CLPP to address environmental principles and policies affecting the MENA region and the world.

The conference, sponsored by the United Nations Environment Programme and the Qatar National Research Fund, will bring together environmental law lecturers, practitioners and researchers to explore the implementation and application of multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) relating to environmental protection, water, energy and food security in the region. The conference will place specific emphasis on the role of law and policymakers in shifting to a green and sustainable economy. 

High-level attendance is expected on the opening day and Elizabeth Mrema, director of the Law Division at the United Nations Environment Programme will deliver a keynote address. Day two of the conference will feature a keynote lecture by Dr. Nilufer Oral, member of the United Nations International Law Commission.

Speaking ahead of the event, Susan L. Karamanian, dean of the College of Law and Public Policy at HBKU, said: “This year’s conference is of utmost relevance and importance as the region works to address environmental challenges and the laws that govern them.

“Speaking from a vantage point, the conference’s experts will be exploring current opportunities, challenges, best practices and innovations in teaching environmental law in universities in Qatar and beyond. Matters of governance as they pertain to environmental degradation, global warming, and building resilient economies within the ecological boundaries of this region are of worldwide interest and require swift yet studied and deliberate action.”

Throughout the two-day conference, attendees will address various topics including ‘Environmental Law Teaching in the Middle East’, ‘Green Economy Transition’, ‘Building Capacity for the Green Economy’, ‘Agriculture and Food Security’, and ‘Climate Change Impacts on the Middle East’.

The conference will also see the official launch of the Association for Environmental Law Lecturers in Middle East Universities (ASSELLMU) as an umbrella association for all full-time academics who conduct research, or teach environment-related law courses at an academic institution in the Middle East.

Dr. Damilola S. Olawuyi, associate professor at CLPP and conference chair, said: “Drawing on the expertise of regional law practitioners will enable us to collectively debate and deliberate on topics of both interest and relevance nationally and globally. CLPP maintains its long-standing goal of being both a driver and harnesser of ideas regarding energy innovation, environmental governance, and global best practices in the field.” 

The conference will be held in partnership with The Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah International Foundation for Energy and Sustainable Development, LexisNexis Middle East and North Africa, Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute, and Qatar Green Building Council.

Last year, CLPP organized the 2017 Energy Transitions Conference, underscoring HBKU’s – and the college’s -- commitment to lead and facilitate topics that address energy and environmental development in the country, and create a tangible and positive impact on the community.

The 2018 Middle East Environment Law Scholars Conference will be held on November 4-5, from 8 am to 5 pm, at the Minaretein Building (formerly known as the College of Islamic Studies Building) in Education City. The conference will be conducted in English with simultaneous Arabic translation. 

For more information or to RSVP, please visit asselmu.hbku.edu.qa