College of Law, Siemens Energy Qatar Host Corporate Compliance Forum

College of Law, Siemens Energy Qatar Host Corporate Compliance Forum

18 Sep 2022

Legal experts explored key issues relevant to Qatar

A group photo taken at the event

The College of Law at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU), in collaboration with Siemens Energy Qatar, recently hosted a panel discussion to explore issues faced by corporations in Qatar relating to regulatory compliance. The discussion focused on contemporary legal challenges and solutions. 

Held on September 13, the event was moderated by Susan L. Karamanian, Dean, College of Law. The discussion covered three areas: anticorruption, the environment, and labor. The panel of experts analyzed how corporations can address the legal and regulatory issues in a sustainable and transparent manner.

The speakers included Mona Daraei, Senior Lawyer and Compliance Manager at Siemens Energy, and Dr. Ilias Bantekas, Professor, College of Law, who discussed anticorruption and the influence of international best practices in setting a minimum floor for workplace conduct.  Luigia Ingianni, Commissioner of the Employment Standards Office at the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC), offered expertise on labor issues, emphasizing the importance of open yet confidential communication channels. College of Law S.J.D. student and J.D. alumnus, Hamoudeh Al-Zaini, a compliance officer and senior legal counsel at the QFC Authority, provided additional comments on the need for transparency and clear policies and procedures.  Dr. Markus Gehring, Associate Professor, University of Cambridge, and Visiting Professor of Law at the College of Law, shared his insights on the topic of the environment, particularly as to the growing body of European Union law that could reach corporations in Qatar due to world-wide supply chains.

Commenting after the forum, Dean Karamanian said: “This event is a timely discussion on the pertinent issues that corporations in Qatar are facing in adhering to established laws and regulations as well as adjusting to new ones. The rich and diverse experience brought by our panelists, along with their unique insights as to the practical aspects of compliance, added tremendous value to the exchange. I am grateful to our partner, Siemens Energy, and look forward to further collaborative initiatives to help build understanding about the legal environment in Qatar.”

During the event, the participants linked the main themes of anticorruption, the environment, and labor, to the development aims of Qatar and stressed them as priority areas as outlined in the Qatar National Vision 2030. 

Stressing the significance of the panel discussion, Mona Daraei, Siemens Energy, remarked: “As a business operating in various domains in Qatar, we are well aware of the regulatory and legal issues that are faced by corporations in Qatar. Along with our partners, including HBKU, we remain committed to developing strategies to collaboratively understand and potentially solve these challenges for an overall productive and efficient business environment in Qatar.”