HBKU a Partner in Sidra Medicine’s Leading Conference

HBKU a Partner in Sidra Medicine’s Leading Conference

06 Dec 2021

Symposium an opportunity to foster scientific knowledge and clinical programs in precision medicine

HBKU’s showcase at the virtual conference

In its efforts to help address health challenges at the personalized medicine level, the College of Health and Life Sciences (CHLS), part of Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU), is participating as a partner in Sidra Medicine’s flagship Precision Medicine and Functional Genomics Conference from December 4-6.

The international forum’s sixth edition convenes clinical and scientific expertise to explore the latest developments and innovations in biomedical research - including efforts driven by industry - to deliver precision medicine solutions. The conference’s satellite symposium on December 6 will focus on “Unlocking the Full Potential of Precision Medicine: Overcoming the Challenges and the Geographical Distribution of Advanced Therapies” and measures needed to overcome challenges in clinical application in local and global contexts.

While highlighting the impact of advanced international efforts, the conference also focuses on achievements in the Arab and Middle Eastern region led by advances in genomics knowledge. Throughout the conference, speakers are sharing research underway at HBKU, Sidra Medicine, Qatar Genome, Qatar Biobank, Hamad Medical Corporation, and other national entities. The forum highlights how local healthcare can benefit from innovative translational applications of precision medicine and large-scale genome sequencing efforts. 

Dr. Nady El Hajj, Assistant Professor of Genomics and Precision Medicine at CHLS, HBKU, presented a talk titled “Male Obesity and Aging Effects on the Sperm Epigenome and Possible Consequences for the Next Generation”. Dr. El Hajj joined panelists from Sidra Medicine and University College London, UK, to demonstrate the need for prenatal genetic counseling and precision medicine in utero.

Dr. Edward Stuenkel, Founding Dean at CHLS, said: “Sidra Medicine’s conference is one of the most important forums to help move precision medicine forward into clinical applications in Qatar and regionally. By bringing our scientific research findings into these exchanges, CHLS benefits from access to knowledge from the global scientific community. That helps our goal of advancing Qatar’s pioneering efforts to translate innovations into personalized treatment approaches for pressing health risks.”

Contributions by researchers, healthcare professionals, policymakers, industry experts, and community members are guided by thematic tracks. Keynote talks feature experts from Stanford University, Harvard University, National Cancer Institutes in the United States, and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Australia, among others.