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PhD in Computer Science and Engineering

PhD in Computer Science and Engineering

CSE’s PhD program in Computer Science and Engineering provides students with a solid, fundamental and advanced education, as well as strong research experience and a broad understanding of aspects related to computer science and engineering that will translate into exciting, challenging, and well-compensated job opportunities in this high-demand field.

The program aims to equip students with up-to-date knowledge of computer science and engineering, as well as the methods, tools, and technologies needed to explore this rapidly evolving field.

The program provides a broad, multidisciplinary and research-intensive education at the boundary of computer science and engineering, while providing specialization streams in contemporary fields that are globally important and relevant to Qatar. These fields include systems and computer security, software engineering, computational sciences, computer systems, architecture and very-large-scale integration (VLSI), robotics machine perception, sensing technologies, human-computer interface (HCI), ‘big data’ and data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, computer vision and graphics, technology and Behavior, software engineering, as well as wireless and mobile computing and networking, bioinformatics and health informatics.

Program Focus

  • This program focuses on the core skills needed to build a successful, advanced career in computer science, engineering and technology-related areas. It explores research methods, applied data analytics, advanced algorithms and data structure, computer architecture and VLSI, ethics, technical writing, and a number of relevant specialties.
  • Students are required to conduct original and guided research with faculty supervision that concentrates on the contemporary issues in computer science and engineering which are globally important and also relevant to Qatar.
  • The program provides our students with a broad understanding of the field, together with the flexibility to specialize in contemporary and up-to-date areas of computer science and engineering.


This program comprises a minimum of 60 credits taught in English and requires a master’s degree in Computer Science or Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or related fields; it can be completed typically in three to four years.

  • Two core courses to provide students coming from diverse backgrounds with a coherent learning environment that enables them to tackle complex issues in computer science and engineering.

    The core courses are:

    • Research Methods and Ethics in ICT
    • Applied Data Analytics

    One of the following two courses is required to complete the three-core course requirement, depending on whether the student is interested in a hardware or software research area:

    • Principles of Computer System Design
    • Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Three elective courses

    • Three elective courses covering some engineering and science fundamentals plus a variety of computer science and engineering electives, which provide students with a solid base to fully understand different aspects of computer science and engineering and the interrelations between them
  • Two semesters of graduate research seminars

  • A research thesis with a minimum of 36-credits under the supervision of an adviser and a PhD dissertation committee

  • PhD students should additionally:

    • Pass a qualifying examination in their third semester
    • Successfully defend their thesis proposal to the committee
    • Successfully complete a PhD dissertation
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