Admission Bachelor's Programs
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Bachelor's Programs

Applicants seeking admission to the Bachelor's Programs should have a strong high school academic record with evidence of advanced coursework in math and science. Applicants are required to take the IELTS or TOEFL exam in order to demonstrate their proficiency in the English language. Applicants are highly encouraged to take the SAT or ACT exam.

Application requirements

A completed online application form: .

Academic transcripts

Final transcripts of all high school years (grades 10, 11, and 12) that are available at the time of application. Transcripts in languages other than Arabic or English must be accompanied by an official translation. Applicants should submit a copy of their high school transcripts as part of the online application. Applicants who are admitted to the program based on copies of or incomplete transcripts will be required to provide original transcripts upon enrollment in order to register for classes.

Standardized test results

Official copies of standardized test results must be sent directly to HBKU. Please refer to the institutional codes below:

  • SAT: 7675
  • ACT: 7019
  • TOEFL: 4981 
  • IELTS: No code required. Students should ask the IELTS center where they tested to send the IELTS TRF to Hamad Bin Khalifa University.

Applicants should also submit copies of their test scores as part of the online application.

Letters of recommendation

Applicants should provide two letters of recommendation, including one from the school counselor, and one from a math or science teacher. Applicants should include their referees’ names and email addresses in the online application. Referees will receive an email requesting them to complete their references.

Personal statement of interest

Applicants should submit a personal statement as part of the online application. The personal statement should explain why the student is applying for the undergraduate major in Chemical Engineering, and how this will contribute to their future goals (minimum of 300, maximum of 500 words).

Resume/curriculum vitae

Applicants should submit their resume or CV as part of the online application, including academic and extracurricular achievements, such as honors, awards, leadership, volunteer work, athletic involvement, or any other relevant activities. Applicants are highly encouraged to mention hobbies and personal talents as well.

Identification document

All applicants should submit an electronic copy of their passport as part of the online application. Nationals and Residents of Qatar should also submit their valid Qatari ID.

Student Funding

For information about student funding opportunities, please visit:

  • Please do not submit any additional application materials which are not on the list of required items. Any additional materials received will be automatically discarded.
  • HBKU cannot return documents to the applicant once they are submitted.
  • All documents submitted through the online application must be in PDF format. Any documents submitted in a different format will not be accepted.