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Master of Science in Exercise Science

Master of Science in Exercise Science

Master of Science in Exercise Science

Hamad Bin Khalifa University

The Master of Science (MS) in Exercise Science is offered by the College of Health and Life Sciences (CHLS), working toward a joint degree with the number 1 ranked graduate Exercise Science program in the United States of America, Arnold School of Public Health at the University of South Carolina (USC).

Capitalizing on the recognized strengths of the USC program, the MS in Exercise Science will establish within Qatar and the MENA region the top-ranked educational and research degree program in exercise science. The program aligns with the objectives of the Qatar National Vision 2030 and the  National Health Strategy 2018-2022, aiming to promote healthy lifestyles and enhance the health and welfare of the people of Qatar. CHLS is committed to support the expansion of Qatar’s national priority targeting physical activity, and this requires development of trained expertise in exercise science, athletic performance and regenerative care related to physical activity. 

The MS in Exercise Science - the only graduate program in exercise science in Qatar - prepares students for a spectrum of health-related specialties and professions within the field of Exercise Science. Graduates can choose from career opportunities that exist in academic institutions, hospitals, medical clinics, research laboratories, physical therapy facilities, rehabilitation facilities, perceptual-motor development clinics, health and fitness centers, and public health agencies. Through its innovative educational and scientific research basis the program prepares graduates for pursuing advanced graduate studies at leading universities around the world.

Program Focus

The MS in Exercise Science program addresses the complex relationships between exercise participation, physical activity, and human health. The program is designed to cultivate human capacity in exercise science through innovative educational and research training and opportunities. Students within the program will receive knowledge and be provided thesis research opportunities in, a) applied physiology, b) rehabilitation sciences, and c) health aspects of physical activity. 

Graduates of the MS in Exercise Science will be equipped to:

  • Assemble fundamental knowledge together with developing advances in research to create novel strategies that improve the relationships between physical activity, fitness, health and lifespan.
  • Measure and evaluate physiological parameters related to physical activity to make informed and appropriate decisions that improve health fitness and motor development.
  • Construct and perform in-depth scientific and research-based investigations toward generation in improvement of rehabilitation sciences.
  • Devise novel avenues of assessment and create new solutions to challenging issues on the relationship between physical activity and human health.   


A 39-credit program, taught in English, over two years including:

  • 8 foundational core courses (22 credits)

    • Perspectives in Public Health (online)
    • Introduction to Epidemiology
    • Introduction to Biostatistics
    • Physiology of Exercise or Physiology, Exercise, and Disease
    • Clinical Exercise Testing or Lab Measurements for Exercise Testing
    • Physical Activity and Health: Epidemiology, Research, and Practice
    • Behavioral Aspects of Physical Activity
    • Mechanisms of Motor Skill Performance.
  • A minimum of 4 electives (11 credits minimum)

    • The curriculum provides advisor-approved electives that provide students the flexibility to meet their career objectives. These elective courses will foster innovative conceptual and practical experience in defining fitness and rehabilitative science.  Transdisciplinary introduction to genomics and personalized medicine is possible in collaboration with the MS courses in Genomics and Precision Medicine program offered at CHLS.
  • Thesis Research (6 credits)

    • The curriculum, thesis research, program oversight and faculty mentoring structure of the MS in Exercise Science are designed to adhere to requirements of a cross-institutional joint degree with USC. An added advantage of a cross-institutional joint degree is the ability of admitted postgraduate students to exchange academically between institutions, thereby reaping added educational and research experience. 
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