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Dr. Halima Bensmail

Principal Scientist and Joint associate Professor
Data Analytics
Qatar Computing Research Institute

  • Phone+974 44540195
  • Office location1116, First Floor, HBKU Research Development Complex


I received her PhD from the university of Pierre & Marie Currie (Paris 6) in France. She worked as a postdoc at UW (University of Washington - Seattle) and at the FHCRC (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center). I also spend two years as a Data Theory scientist at the University of Leiden - Netherlands. In 2000, I joined the University of Tennessee as an assistant professor in Statistics, Operation and Management Sciences department and was promoted to associate professor in 2005. I also held an associate professor of bioinformatics and biostatistics at Virginia Medical School (Public Health) from 2006-2009. I moved to QCRI (Qatar Computing Research Institute) in 2011 as a senior scientist.

Currently I am a principal scientist at QCRI-HBKU and a joint associate professor at the college of Computer and Science Engineering-HBKU working on statistical machine learning and bioinformatics. I have published more than 70 peer reviewed papers in high impact Journal such as Nucleic acids research, Pattern recognition, Bioinformatics, Statistics and computing, Journal of American statistical Association and received several distinguished awards by the International Federation of Classification Society, Qatar Foundation, Turkish-Information Complexity in Statistics and was co-PI in successful research grants in Qatar and abroad and served as a reviewer for National Institute of Health (NIH) and National sciences Foundation (NSF).


Research Interests

  • Statistics; Frequentist and Bayesian
  • Bioinformatics
  • Data Sciences
  • Machine Learning
  • Mathematical and Statistical Modeling and Algorithms


Principal Scientist of Statistical Machine Learning

Qatar Computing Research Institute, Doha, Qatar

November 2017 - Present
  • Senior Scientist of Statistical Machine learning, CS&E Center

    Qatar Computing Research Institute, Doha, Qatar

    March 2011 - November 2017
  • Joint Associate Professor

    HBKU, Doha, Qatar

    March 2016 - Present
  • Associate Professor

    Eastern Virginia Medical School College of Public Health

    August 2006 - January 2009
  • Associate Professor

    University of Tennessee Department of Statistics, Operation and Management Sciences (SOMS)

    April 2005 - August 2006
  • Assistant Professor

    University of Tennessee Department of Statistics, Operation and Management Sciences (SOMS)

    September 2000 - April 2005
  • Adjunct Associate Professor

    Oak Ridge National Laboratory

    September 2005 - August 2006
  • Research Scientist

    University Of Leiden, Organization for Scientific Research, The Netherlands.

    April 1997 - September 2000
  • Research Scientist

    Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, USA.

    October 1994 - May 1996
  • PostDoctoral

    University of Washington, Seattle, USA.

    April 1994 - September 1994
  • Lecturer-Math and Stat

    Montgeron High School, Paris, France.

    September 1992 - May 1993
  • Lecturer-Math and Stat

    Monte LaJolie High School, Paris, France.

    September 1991 - May 1992
  • Research Assistant-Computing

    INRIA, Versailles, France.

    September 1990 - May 1991
  • Computing Assistant

    La Sorbonne Université, Paris, France.

    October 1989 - June 1990


Ph.D. in Biostatistics/Statistics

Université Pierre and Marie-Curie & INRIA-Paris

  • M.S. in Statistical Machine Learning

    Université Pierre and Marie-Curie-Paris

  • B.S. in Applied Mathematics and Statistics

    Faculty of Sciences, Rabat, Morocco


Selected Publications

  • A. Islam, S. Brahim and H. Bensmail

    KNNOR: An improved synthetic minority oversampling techniques for Medical data. Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine.

  • N. Sallahi, M. Rachdi, H. Park, F. Malluhi, A. Arredouani and H. Bensmail

    Using unreported cases to correct for COVID-19 pandemic outbreak and its impact on non-pharmaceuticals intervention for GCC countries. MDPI-Biology.

  • H. Park, A. Ali, R. Mall, H. Bensmail, S. Sanvito and F. El Mellouhi

    Data-driven enhancement of phase stability in mixed-cation perovskites. Journal of Machine learning: Science and Technology (JMLT) (accepted).

  • M. Abbas, R. Mall, K. Errafii, A. Lattab, E. Ullah, H. Bensmail and A. Arredouani

    PRISQ; a simple risk score to screen for prediabetes: a cross-sectional study from the Qatar Biobank cohort. Journal of Diabetes Investigation (accepted).

  • M. Rachdi, H. Bensmail and N. Al-Kandari

    Heteroscedasticity testing in nonparametric Functional Data Analysis. International Journal of Mathematics and Statistics (IJMS) (accepted).

  • H. Park, R. Mall, A. Ali, S. Sanvito, H. Bensmail and F. El-Mellouhi

    Importance of structural deformation features in the prediction of hybrid perovskite bandgaps. Computational Materials Science 184, 109858.

  • KR. Menikdiwela, L. Ramalingam, MM. Abbas, H. Bensmail, S. Scoggin and N. Moustaid

    Role of microRNA 690 in Mediating Angiotesin II Effects on Inflammation and Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress. Cells 9 (6) 1327.

  • T. Tuncer, S. Dogan, F. Özyurt, SB. Belhaouari and H. Bensmail

    Novel Multi Center and Threshold Ternary Pattern Based Method for Disease Detection Method Using Voice. IEEE Access 8, 84532-84540.

  • Fuyi; Ch., Jinxiang; G., Zongyuan; Y., Wen; Y. Yanwei; H. Morihiro; H. Bensmail*; and J. Song*

    SELECTOR: An interpretable ensemble approach for identifying both general and specific types of promoters. Briefings in Bioinformatics.

  • H. Park; A. Ali; R. Mall ; H. Bensmail; S. Sanvito; F. El-Mellouhi

    Data-driven Enhancement of Phase Stability in Mixed-cation Perovskites. Chemistry of Materials (accepted).

  • E. Salkovic, M. Abbas, K. Errafii and H. Bensmail

    OutPyR: Bayesian inference for RNA-seq outlier detection, Journal of Computational Sciences.

  • Zhen Chen et al. and H. Bensmail* and J. Song*

    DeepPRoMIse: a deep-learning framework for predicting two major types of RNA post-transcriptional modification sites from RNA sequences. Briefings in Bioinformatics, bbz112, https://doi.org/10.1093/bib/bbz112.

  • A. Elbasir et al. and H. Bensmail

    BCrystal: An Interpretable Sequence-Based Protein Crystallization Predictor. Journal of Bioinformatics, btz762, https://doi.org/10.1093/bioinformatics/btz762.

  • A. Elbasir, B. Moovarkumudalvan, K. Kunji, P. Kolatkar, R. Mall, and H. Bensmail*

    A Deep Learning Framework for sequence-Based Protein Crystallization Prediction. Journal of Bioinformatics.

  • Ullah, R. Mall1, M.M. Abbas, K. Kunji, A. Q. Nato Jr, H. Bensmail, E. M. Wijsman, M. Saad

    Comparison and Assessment of Family- and Population-based Genotype Imputation Methods in Large Pedigrees. Genome Research.

  • Ullah, M. Aupetit, A. Das, A. Patil, N. Al Muftah, R. Rawi, M. Saad and H. Bensmail

    KinVis: A visualization tool to detect cryptic relatedness in genetic datasets. Journal of Bioinformatics.

  • IK Khan, A. Jain, R. Rawi, H. Bensmail, J. Wren and D. Kihara

    Prediction of protein group function by iterative classification on functional relevance network. Journal of Bioinformatics.

  • E Ullah, R Mall and H. Bensmail*

    Harnessing Qatar Biobank to Understand Type 2 Diabetes in Adult Qataris. Journal of Translational Medicine.

  • S Khurana, R Rawi, K Kunji, GY Chuang, H. Bensmail, R Mall, A Valencia

    DeepSol: A Deep Learning Framework for Sequence-Based Protein Solubility Prediction. Journal of Bioinformatics 1, 9.

  • R Mall, L Cerulo, L Garofano, V Frattini, K Kunji, H. Bensmail, TS Sabedot

    RGBM: Regularized gradient R boosting machines for identification of the transcriptional regulators of discrete glioma subtypes. Nucleic Acids Research.

  • R. Mall, H. Bensmail, R. Langone, C. Varon and J.A.K. Suykens

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  • J. Wang and H. Bensmail*

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