The CL’s first Qatari lecturer benefits from an immersive
Hamad Bin Khalifa University


The Multidisciplinary Classroom

06 Aug 2019

The College of Law’s first Qatari lecturer benefits from an immersive and self-fulfilling journey across Qatar Foundation.

The College of Law’s first Qatari lecturer benefits from an immersive and self-fulfilling journey across Qatar Foundation.

An abundantly well-lit space, Aisha Al-Naama’s office combines elements of practicality with a sense of welcoming.

She is the first and only Qatari to join the ranks of HBKU’s College of Law lecturers, but her journey across Qatar Foundation (QF) has reflected the organization's diverse and fully integrated ecosystem, and the core characteristics of Education City. Al-Naama’s appointment is one of several destinations she’s fulfilled in her all-encompassing quest for self-discovery.
“I’m here because I want to add to the research agenda of Qatar in relation to intellectual property laws,” she said. “It is a growing body of law that is gaining traction internationally, and we’re here to support the country’s direction and further its goals in that area. It is also a reflection of Qatar’s growing self-reliance and adaptable policy development programs.”
A graduate of the College of Law’s Juris Doctor program, Al-Naama has made career choices that can be described as bold and unconventional. She was previously employed at Qatar Science and Technology Park, a member of QF, as a communications design specialist.
“We’re offered incredible opportunities and given all the tools we need to thrive and build an exceptionally capable understructure,” she said. “In this process, there were ample opportunities to leverage innovative, high-value collaborations.”
Additionally, Al-Naama was involved with the WISE Learners Voice program -- run by QF initiative World Innovation Summit for Education -- which encourages participants to become co-creators of their learning environments and explore out-of-the-box ideas as they do so.
“Topics such as education, leadership, social entrepreneurship, and communication are thoroughly addressed in this program, and have all contributed effectively to shaping our characters as young and aspiring people,” she explained.
One of her earliest stops as an undergraduate student in Education City, at QF partner university Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar (VCUarts Qatar), helped her leave a footprint.  There, she worked on art and branding projects, and she has continued to do so throughout her branding and marketing career.
Combined, these experiences have helped her reflect on how she will impart knowledge within the college. “As teachers, we have every responsibility to engage students in thought-provoking discussions beyond the body of law, and bring a collaborative multidisciplinary experience into the classroom,” she said.
“The future of education is where learners and teachers alike recognize the increasing importance of intertwined disciplines in a multi-track academic environment. This naturally leads to an enriching experience for all,” she continued.
The College of Law has recently witnessed the introduction of two pioneering LLM degrees in International Economic and Business Law and International Law and Foreign Affairs. The Economic and Business Law program aims to support the country’s international trade and investment sectors. The LLM program in International Law and Foreign Affairs aims to produce graduates who are well-versed in foreign policy and international regulation. The college’s JD program was founded in response to national aspirations as Qatar witnesses a burgeoning legal sector.
The college’s inaugural JD cohort has benefitted from robust academic curricula as the degree remains the only of its kind in the Middle East. 
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