QBRI and CHLS | Health Innovation at HBKU

Health Innovation at HBKU: Fostering Collaboration and Inspiring Excellence

13 Dec 2023

Annual research event promises deeper cooperation between QBRI and CHLS

QBRI and CHLS researchers exchange feedback on each other’s research posters at the event.

A new era of collaboration and academic synergy has begun at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) following the creation of an annual joint research event involving the Qatar Biomedical Research Institute (QBRI) and College of Health and Life Sciences (CHLS).

Held October 30 and 31, the inaugural Health Innovation at HBKU session showcased the extensive research capabilities of QBRI and CHLS in the fields of cancer, genomics and precision medicine, diabetes, neurological disorders, and exercise science. The event also served as a platform for academics, researchers, and medical professionals to exchange ideas, share expertise, and explore potential joint projects. In doing so, the overarching objective of this and all future editions will be to foster collaboration, enhance integration, and promote interdisciplinary research between both entities.

The first Health Innovation at HBKU event featured expert talks, poster sessions, and research presentations to inspire faculty and students. Proceedings included a panel discussion sponsored by Qatar Cancer Society, which focused on the increasingly important role genomics and precision medicine play in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. A dedicated session introduced students to platforms and technologies used by QBRI and CHLS to test and transfer research and theoretical knowledge into real-world settings. There were also numerous opportunities for networking and further discussions.

Speaking after the conclusion of Health Innovation at HBKU, Dr. Mariam Al-Muftah, Scientist, QBRI, and co-organizer said: “From common research interests to a shared commitment to advancing the field of medical research within Qatar, QBRI and CHLS are natural partners. We can build on this collaboration by leveraging our collective strengths to address complex healthcare challenges towards significant strides in medical science. Through showcasing of research activities and capacities in both entities and panel discussions, this event helped to bridge gaps between us with the aim of optimizing the future shape and trajectory of our cooperation.”

“As our collaborative efforts continue to flourish, the impact of this event will undoubtedly be felt far beyond the confines of the convention floor,” added Dr. Henning F. Horn, Associate Professor, CHLS, and co-organizer. “None more so than among our students, many of whom go on to positively influence and shape the delivery of healthcare within Qatar and further afield. We’re undoubtedly looking forward to working with QBRI on the organization and delivery of future editions of Health Innovation at HBKU.”