CSE to Highlight Digital Enrichment at International Conference

College of Science and Engineering to Highlight Digital Enrichment at International Conference on Persuasive Technologies

04 Apr 2021

Registration is free for the 16th edition of the interdisciplinary forum taking place virtually

College of Science and Engineering to Highlight Digital Enrichment at International Conference on Persuasive Technologies

Highlighting its interdisciplinary thought leadership in the field of information and computing technology, the College of Science and Engineering (CSE) at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) has partnered with Bournemouth University, UK, to co-sponsor the 16th International Conference on Persuasive Technologies (PT2021), taking place from April 12-14.

A virtual PT2021 will bring together researchers and practitioners from industry and academia to explore various topics related to persuasive technology, particularly how it can enrich lives in domains such as health, sustainability, education, and well-being. Keynote speeches, paper sessions, workshops, panel discussions, and poster sessions will amplify current thinking in this interdisciplinary field, which focuses on technologies aimed at influencing people’s attitudes and/or behaviors through informed persuasion, but not through coercion or deception.

Interdisciplinary and open to anyone with an interest in the subject, the conference scope extends to the design, development, and evaluation of these technologies, and speakers will highlight behavior change support systems, artificial intelligence for persuasive technology, gamification, privacy, and trust, among a host of other areas. HBKU’s Dr. Raian Ali, professor in information and computing technology, CSE, will co-present a paper titled “The Fine Line between Persuasion and Digital Addiction” and will be a member of the panel discussing “How to teach a course on Persuasive Technology”. He is also the chair of the conference Organizing Committee, and a member of the Steering Committee of the Society for Persuasion and Technology. Furthermore, Dr. Raian will deliver a tutorial on digital addiction and digital wellness.

This year the conference will focus on three special tracks, including the Persuasive Affective Technology Track and the Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, E-Tourism and Smart Ecosystems Track. Dr. Dena Al-Thani, assistant professor in information and computing technology, CSE, is leading the Persuasion and Education Track, where speakers will investigate persuasion and the use of persuasive technology in the field of education. The special track will consider, among other aspects, classic and novel approaches to motivating educators and learners, including personalized learning, peer support, and mastering soft skills. Dr. Al-Thani will also moderate the panel discussion around the topic. 

Dr. Mounir Hamdi, Founding Dean, CSE, commented: “Persuasive technology is a pervasive element in our daily lives, and the research community has made the link, and is studying how technology might be used to influence humans, in their behavior, attitudes, and information processing, to solve today’s societal and personal problems. This is what makes the International Conference on Persuasive Technologies such an important platform, enabling collaborative discussions on novel persuasive designs, approaches and solutions alongside evidence of their potential. We are delighted for HBKU to be one of the co-sponsors of the 16th edition, and while HBKU faculty from CSE and the College of Health and Life Sciences have had the opportunity to collaborate on shaping the program, they will also be making strong contributions to the discussions, where we welcome ideas from a global audience.”

Hosted online by Bournemouth University, registration for PT2021 is free and open until April 10. For more on the conference program, and to register to attend, please visit https://persuasive2021.bournemouth.ac.uk/