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The world is passing through an exceptional phase with the current existing circumstances and due to rapidly developing global context; the pandemic effected the rise of violent extremism and has created challenging dynamics such as religious and ethnic tension, mental health issues and domestic violence that need to be addressed. The impact of crisis on violent extremism and radicalization has been increased in many countries. Although the world’s attention has been largely focusing on the impact of health and economic turmoil through and after COVID-19, yet the risk of violent extremism has been also aggravated during the pandemic. A panel held on September 28 with CPP’s participation explored the theme of Educate to Eradicate: Extremism, What's Next in a COVID-19 Reality? It  addressed the role of universities and higher education in tackling violent extremism, the security, political and socio- development perspectives to understand the roots, causes, and effective solutions for combating violent extremism. 

More information about the forum can be found here

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