QEERI Energy Center Participates at EUPVSEC23 | Hamad Bin Khalifa University

QEERI Energy Center Participates at EUPVSEC23

16 Oct 2023

QEERI recently participated at EUPVSEC23 as a gold sponsor and exhibitor


The Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute (QEERI) at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) was a participant and Gold Sponsor of the 2023 edition of the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference (EU PVSEC), a landmark event for the international photovoltaic (PV) sector at its 40th edition.

Held in Lisbon between September 18 and 22, 2023, EU PVSEC attracted more than 1500 academic experts, scientific researchers, and industry professionals from the international PV sector, providing them with opportunities to exchange insights and technological developments. The conference also connected research institutions and businesses, underscoring the event’s reputation as one of the leading networking platforms for individuals and companies operating in this field.

HBKU’s QEERI supported this renowned conference as a Gold Sponsor, fulfilling its mission to connect academia with industry and provide them with the applied and fundamental  research inputs that they require.

Speaking after the conference, Dr. Veronica Bermudez, Senior Research Director, QEERI, said: “Our support for EU PVSEC embodies our commitment to fostering productive relationships in anticipation of critical challenges facing the world.  We offered both our expertise and assistance to help advance research and innovation in the PV sector. As an educational and RDI stakeholder, QEERI actively leverages common interests through its various partnerships and collaborations with esteemed local and international partners to build expertise and research capacity in Qatar.”

QEERI also joined 70 organizations as an exhibitor at EU PVSEC. Its booth attracted a significant turnout, with a diverse array of individuals expressing strong interest in both QEERI and HBKU, while exploring the latest relevant research topics. The opportunity to engage with stakeholders and peers also laid  the groundwork for potential collaborations, further enhancing QEERI’s  impact within the renewable energy and environmental research community. 

Members from QEERI’s Energy Center participated in EU PVSEC’s Scientific Conference Programme, which saw researchers give over 1050 presentations encompassing the PV field. For their part, Energy Center staff gave presentations outlining their research on the durability, reliability, and performance of PV modules - also known as solar panels - as well as innovative applications and engineering of PV systems.

Dr. Veronica Bermudez, served on EU PVSEC’s  Executive and Scientific Committees, chairing the oral session  ‘Encapsulants, Light-Weight, and Eco-Designed Modules’, and presiding over the visual session entitled ’PV Module Design & Manufacturing/Electronic System for BOS’. She also  delivered a  presentation addressing the Energy, Water, and Environment Nexus and participated in a panel discussion  concerning the importance of real life testing, highlighting the important work undertaken by QEERI’s outdoor test facility.

Dr. Juan Lopez-Garcia, Principal Investigator and Research Program Director, QEERI, also contributed as a member of EU PVSEC’s Scientific Committee and chaired the oral session  ‘Outdoor Performance and Energy Rating’. Other scientists from QEERI also played a pivotal role presenting their research findings in various scientific and technical sessions, including Dr. Amir Abdallah, Dr. Antonio Sanfilippo, Dr. Benjamin Figgis, Dr. Brahim Aissa, Dr. Christos Fountoukis, Dr. Dhanup Pillai, Dr. Dunia Bachour, Dr. Maulid Kivambe, and Dr. Nassma Mohands. Their topics ranged from module degradation assessment to solar atlas applications and blockchain-based energy trading markets. Collectively, their diverse contributions enriched QEERI's presence and knowledge sharing at EUPVSEC 2023.

QEERI also organized and moderated a special event held in parallel with the conference - a session of EU PVSEC’s ‘Optimizing PV Production in Desert Environments’ series. Dr. Juan Lopez Garcia, led the organization of the  event with the support of Dr. Dunia Bachour, Senior Scientist, and Dr. Antonio Sanfilippo, Chief Scientist. The session focused on the importance of optimizing yield and productivity to reduce operational and maintenance costs in a desert environment. Meteorological and environmental factors in hot desert climates were also a major talking point during the discussions.

HBKU’s QEERI is a national research institute tasked with supporting Qatar in addressing its grand energy, water, and environment challenges by conducting market driven research and fulfilling national advisory and educational roles. Established in 2011, the Institute upholds a mandate to anticipate and solve critical challenges facing Qatar.