CPP Makes Significant Contributions at ICPP6 | Hamad Bin Khalifa University

CPP Makes Significant Contributions at ICPP6

28 Aug 2023

Faculty lead several workshops exploring contemporary topics in the field of public policy

Hamad Bin Khalifa University

Professors from Hamad Bin Khalifa University’s (HBKU) College of Public Policy (CPP) participated in the 6th International Conference on Public Policy (ICPP6), hosted from June 27-29, 2023 by the International Public Policy Association (IPPA).

The event brought together renowned scholars, policy experts, and practitioners from around the world to engage in meaningful discussions on critical global issues. The conference was hosted by the Faculty of Arts and Public Policy at Toronto Metropolitan University, providing an ideal setting for fostering intellectual exchange and collaboration. HBKU’s CPP was represented by various faculty members and Dr. Leslie Pal, Dean, CPP,  during the Conference.

As part of this prestigious event, a thought-provoking workshop titled "Multi-scalar and Nested Policy Processes: Linking Global, National, and Local" was chaired by esteemed individuals in the field of public policy. Dr. Pal and Dr. Evren Tok, Associate Professor, CPP, led the workshop alongside Francesco Gelli from Università Iuav di Venezia, exploring the interconnections between policy processes at different scales from the local to the global. The workshop aimed to uncover innovative strategies for enhancing policy effectiveness and governance across various levels of decision-making.

"The Multi-scalar and Nested Policy Processes workshop provided a unique platform for policymakers, scholars, and practitioners to exchange insights and experiences, emphasizing the importance of collaboration in addressing complex policy challenges," stated Dr. Pal, who is also a member of IPPA's Executive Committee.

In addition to the workshop, CPP made other significant contributions to the conference. Faculty members Anis Brik, Associate Professor, and Andreas Rechkhemmer, Professor,  organized an engaging panel titled "Climate Change and Social Justice: Public Policy Perspectives On the Global South." This showcased diverse perspectives on the intersection of climate change and social justice, offering valuable insights into policy responses for a sustainable and equitable future. Dr. Esmat Zeidan, Associate Professor and elected member of the IPPA College, presented a compelling paper during the same panel, further contributing to the discourse on global challenges.

Dr. Pal also spearheaded the inaugural Policy Leaders Dialogue, held June 26 in the run-up to ICPP6. This groundbreaking initiative brought together approximately 30 deans, directors, and program coordinators of Master of Public Policy (MPP) programs from around the world. The dialogue provided a collaborative space to discuss pedagogical approaches, networking opportunities among institutions, and the evolving role of practitioners in shaping public policy education.

"By hosting the Policy Leaders Dialogue, we aimed to foster a community of MPP program leaders who can collectively address emerging challenges and identify best practices in public policy education," commented Dr. Pal. "The engagement and enthusiasm displayed by the participants underscored the importance of such platforms for knowledge sharing and collaboration."

HBKU’s CPP provides a uniquely situated venue for public conversation in Qatar and a center for both teaching and researching responses to policy questions of local and global relevance. In line with HBKU’s institutional goals, CPP transcends borders to facilitate expertise and build capacity in Qatar and beyond.