HBKU Class of 2022: Sharifa Ahen, College of Law

HBKU Class of 2022: Sharifa Ahen, College of Law

16 May 2022

HBKU Class of 2022: Sharifa Ahen, College of Law

Why did you choose HBKU and this particular degree program?

I have always wanted to pursue a Juris Doctor degree. I consider American education to be the best fit for my learning style because I enjoy the way it is structured around critical thinking and challenging established views. In all honesty, it was not my first choice to study at HBKU. I had initially planned to go to the United States, but my personal circumstances made it necessary for me to return to Doha after living abroad for several years. HBKU combined both elements - it was the degree I needed for my dream career and it also happened to be close to home. It was overall the perfect fit for me at the time. 

How has your time at HBKU influenced your future plans?

HBKU’s College of Law is interdisciplinary and although I love all my professors, the classes I took with two in particular have really shaped the way I want to practice law. Professor Damilola Olawuyi is an expert in Entrepreneurship, Energy and Environmental Law. Over the last three years, I have learned from him the legal dimensions of a vibrant and sustainable energy sector, combining my interests of both corporate, and more ethical aspects of the law. Similarly, Professor Georgios Dimitropoulos, who specializes, in Investment and Trade Law, has trained us to cope with modern interventions introduced through technological means such as cryptocurrency regulation and artificial intelligence. I view these two amazing individuals as my mentors and hope to apply the skills I’ve learned from them to shape Qatar’s legal framework, and advocate for investments and legal solutions that are smart and sustainable.

What was the highlight of your time at HBKU?

The highlight of my time at HBKU’s College of Law was in no doubt the people I learn from day-to-day - my colleagues and peers. I am part of a small cohort of 10, including myself. We are proudly 90 percent female and come from different academic backgrounds. Any case, debate or solution is enhanced when the input of nine other thinkers in the room contribute based on their training and experience. We have engineers, political science majors, communication experts and business graduates. Every day has been rich and full of love. After all this time, I am proud to call them family. I know that they will succeed in whatever endeavor they pursue after this and they will always have me cheering in their corner. I am immensely proud of our collective achievement and excited for what the future holds for us.