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Jens Schneider

Dr. Jens Schneider (PhD)

Assistant Professor
College of Science and Engineering

  • Phone55045713
  • Office locationA101-D, Level 1, LAS


Dr. Jens Schneider is an assistant professor in the Division of Information and Computing Technology, College of Science and Engineering, HBKU.
He received his diploma in Computer Science from RWTH Aachen, Germany, in 2004 and his doctorate in Computer Science from Technical University Munich, Germany, in 2009.

His main research interests include interactive and GPU-based Visualization, GPU-friendly Data Compression, Large-scale Visualization, and Level of Detail Algorithms.

Teams led by Dr. Schneider have won the IEEE Visualization contest two consecutive years, 2005 and 2006.



Research Interests

  • Interactive GPU-based Visualization
  • GPU-friendly Data Compression
  • Large-Scale Visualization
  • Level of Detail Algorithms
  • Computer Graphics


Assistant Professor, CSE

Hamad Bin Khalifa University

Dec 2018 - Present
  • Staff Scientist, VCC

    King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

    Jun 2016 - Nov 2018
  • Research Scientist, VCC

    King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

    Sep 2011 - May 2016
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, GMSV

    King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

    Dec 2009 - Aug 2011
  • Doctoral Candidate and Research Assistant

    Technical University Munich

    Jun 2004 - Oct 2011


Dr. rer. nat. in Computer Science

Technical University Munich, Germany

  • Dipl. Inform. (M.Sc. Computer Science)

    RWTH Aachen, Germany


Selected Publications

  • K. Schatz, J. Schneider, C. Müller, M. Krone, G. Reina, T. Ertl

    Abstracted Visualization of Halo Topologies in Dark Matter Simulations; Topological Methods in Data Analysis and Visualization, 

    Springer LNCS,

  • S. Giancola, J. Schneider, B. Ghanem, P. Wonka

    Integration of Absolute Orientation Measurements in the KinectFusion Reconstruction Pipeline; VOCVALC 2018, to appear.

  • J. Ren, J. Schneider, M. Ovsjanikov, P. Wonka

    Joint Graph Layouts for Visualizing Collections of Segmented Meshes; IEEE TVCG 24(9):2546--2558, 2017 (

  • J. Schneider, P. Rautek

    A Versatile and Efficient GPU Data Structure for Spatial Indexing; IEEE TVCG / Vis Week 23(1):911-920, 2017 (

  • K. Schatz, C. Müller, M. Krone, J. Schneider, G. Reina, T. Ertl

    Interactive Visual Exploration of a Trillion Particles; IEEE LDAV, 2016 (

  • B. Ghanem, J. Schneider, M. Shalaby, U. Elnily

    System and Method for Crowd Counting and Tracking. US Patent 9,361,524 B2 (issued 7.Jun.2016)

  • S. Giancola, B. Ghanem, J. Schneider, P. Wonka

    System and Method for Three-dimensional Image Reconstruction using an Absolute Orientation Sensor. US Provisional Patent

  • J. Schneider

    Real-time Lossless Compression of Depth Streams, US Provisional Patent

  • F. Reichl, M.G. Chajdas, J. Schneider, R. Westermann

    Interactive Rendering of Giga-particle Fluid Simulations; EG/ACM SIGGRAPH High Performance Graphics, 105-116

  • W.K. Jeong, J. Schneider, A. Hansen, M. Lee, S.G. Turney, B.E. Faulkner-Jones et al.

    A Collaborative Digital Pathology System for Multi-Touch Mobile and Desktop Computing Platforms; Computer Graphics Forum 32(6):227-24