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Mr. Gordon McKay

Dr. Gordon McKay (PhD)

Sustainable Development
College of Science and Engineering


Dr. McKay has almost 40 years' experience in academia and industry. He is presently a professor of sustainable development at Hamad Bin Khalifa University. Prior to this he was head of department and professor in chemical and biomolecular engineering at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). During his time in Hong Kong he was Chairman of the Chemical Discipline of HKIE.

Prior to joining HKUST in 1995 he spent 10 years in industry. He established his own company, Consultancy Process Engineering and Management Systems, and this company was subcontracted to Project Management (PM) Ltd (Foster Wheeler Ireland) who employ over 600 staff and is Ireland's largest process engineering design company. From 1971 to 1987, Dr. McKay was in the Chemical Engineering Department at Queen’s University, Belfast and he was a training consultant to the BP Oil Refinery in Northern Ireland. He has over 400 publications in international refereed journals and authored eight books about energy, environment and process design. He co-authored the third most cited paper (6,000 cites to date) ever in the SCI Chemical Engineering sector and has an h-index of 85.


Research Interests

  • Wastewater and water treatment optimization and re-use (adsorption, biosorption, ion exchange, ozonation)
  • waste to energy food waste-chitosan from waste seafood shells film/membrane synthesis and applications
  • catalysis products
  • biomass oils and biomass wastes
  • waste to value-added environmental products
  • e-waste
  • PCBs to ion exchange resin
  • process designs/pilot plants/economic feasibility studies.


Associate Professor in the Division of Sustainability

College of Science and Engineering, Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar

2015 – Present
  • Professor Emeritus


    2012 – 2015
  • Acting Head of Department and Full Professor at HKUST

    2009 – 2012
  • Reader in Chemical Engineering at HKUST

    1995 – 2009
  • Senior Process/ Environmental Specialist Project Management Ltd

    Foster Wheeler Ireland Consultancy Sub-Contracting

    1991 – 1995
  • Managing Director & Company Owner Consultant, Process and Environmental Management Systems

    CPEMS Process Engineering Design Consultancy - PEDC

    1987 - 1995
  • Reader in Chemical Engineering

    The Queen's University of Belfast

    1986 - 1987
  • Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering

    The Queen's University of Belfast Lecturer

    1985 - 1986
  • EC Project Manager / Professor in Chemical Engineering Higher Education for Development Co-operation EC Project Manager

    1984 - 1985
  • Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering

    The Queen's University of Belfast

    1980 - 1984
  • Lecturer in Chemical Engineering

    The Queen's University of Belfast

    1971 - 1980
  • Lecturer II in Chemical Technology

    Belfast College of Technology

    1970 - 1971
  • Process Engineer

    Albright & Wilson Ltd., Harrogate, Yorks

  • Process Engineer

    (Herbicides), Bradford, Yorks

  • Quality Control

    ICI Fibres,, Doncaster




Bradford University, UK (adsorption systems in wastewater treatment)

  • PhD

    Bradford University, UK (combustion kinetics)

  • BTech (1st) in Chemical Technology and Chemical Engineering

    Bradford University, UK


Selected Publications

  • Saleem, J., Bazargan, A., Barford, J.P., McKay, G., Application of strong porous sheets for superior oil spill recovery

    Chemical Engineering Technology, Vol. 38, No.3 pp.482-488

  • Bazargan, A., Bazargan, M., McKay, G., Optimization of rice husk pretreatment for energy production

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  • Hadi, P., Chao, N., Ouyang, W., Xu, M., Lin, C.S.K., McKay, G., Towards environmentally-benign utilization of nonmetallic fraction of waste printed circuit boards as modifier and precursor

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