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Atopic dermatitis is a chronic disease that requires consistent follow-up in order to optimize patient education and management. The prevalence of eczema in the Lebanese pediatric population ranges from 11-12.8%, mirroring pediatric prevalence elsewhere in the Middle East and Gulf regions. The chronicity and prevalence of atopic dermatitis is “fertile ground” for the adoption of telemedicine in atopic dermatitis treatment. To lend credence to the potential of telemedicine in atopic dermatitis, it was found that a remote online consultation model provided equivalent improvement in atopic dermatitis scores, such as POEM and IGA scores, to in-person care.

To address the lack of atopic dermatitis research and the present distrust in physician attitude in telemedicine and to provide patients with atopic dermatitis care that transcends geographical borders, the project will propose the creation of an atopic dermatitis-dedicated multi-purpose telemedicine app with a structured user-friendly interface for both patients and physicians. This app will allow remote consultations to take place all the while educating both physicians and patients about atopic dermatitis and contributing to the formation of a national registry for atopic dermatitis research.



Total Funding

$50,000 for one year.